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Binance activates futures and margin trading also for sub-accounts

The largest crypto exchange in the world for trading volume, Binance, has today updated its platform by opening the possibility for its users to operate with futures and margin trading contracts with their sub-accounts.


According to the announcement, users with secondary accounts can now enable trading on futures and margin trading through the User Center panel. 

A new possibility dedicated to all those users who, since last year, have benefited from the support for sub-accounts offered by the platform that allowed them to create up to 200 sub-accounts for each main account in order to carry out trading activities. 

In the update, Binance specifies that these sub-accounts will inherit the VIP level of futures and margin trading along with lending interest from their main accounts, while maintaining the same limits.  

The recently introduced VIP structure on the platform defines the user based on their balance in BNB, as well as their 30-day BTC trading volume. These users will be allowed approximately 10 times the standard lending amount, along with a 20% discount on daily interest rates.

In addition, the announcement also points out that the total BNB held in sub-account margin accounts will be included in BNB’s average daily holding of main or master accounts. 

Finally, the post also mentions the API keys as follows:

“Sub-account API keys can now also enable futures and margin trading functionality, now being able to call on the futures API and margin SAPI interfaces”.

A further incentive to use the Futures on Binance. 

Recently, in fact, the platform had introduced on Binance Futures a new support dedicated to BTC/USDT contracts with a margin up to 125x. Not only that, less than a week ago, Binance Future itself recorded its historic high of over $1 billion in daily trading volumes.

Stefania Stimolo
Stefania Stimolo
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