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Sense.chat app: Everipedia, Karma and Lumeos open new channels

Yesterday came the announcement of the launch of new official channels for Everipedia, Karma and Lumeos, all projects based on the EOS blockchain, within the dApp Sense.chat, which is an app that allows connecting with other users in a private way as well as sharing multimedia content.

Thanks to these new channels on the Sense.chat app, users and crypto communities will be able to interact directly with the project developers and also with other users with the aim of establishing a direct and immediate relationship. 

The Sense.chat dApp can be thought of as WhatsApp or Telegram, but it runs on the EOS blockchain. The app also features a proprietary token, Sense, which can be exchanged within the platform itself, as the dApp also functions as a simple wallet for managing EOS accounts.

Interestingly, with a simple EOS account, it is possible to manage several dApps without the need to register and complete boring KYC procedures. Thanks to the Sense.chat app it is also possible to see in real-time all the relevant information of a given project and to be able to ask questions to the various teams of developers, proposing ideas or reporting bugs.

The projects that are now on this dApp are:

  • Everipedia, free and decentralised encyclopedia that has embraced the EOS blockchain;
  • Karma, a social network aimed at encouraging, through tokens, the creators of positive and useful content for everyone;
  • Lumeos, which allows managing the personal information of each user in a decentralised way while having full control of it.

At the moment it is possible to see that users are populating the different chats and probably in the future, there will be more and more users who will interact with the dApp, especially because it will be the same platforms that will incentivise the use of Sense.chat with tokens.

This is definitely positive news for the world of EOS. Recently the blockchain has faced considerable problems of network congestion but fortunately, these are being resolved. 


Alfredo de Candia
Alfredo de Candia
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