HIV test goes on the blockchain
HIV test goes on the blockchain

HIV test goes on the blockchain

By Alfredo de Candia - 2 Dec 2019

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An official statement of the LGBT Foundation, a non-profit organisation, was published today. They decided to create their own token to put HIV self-tests on the blockchain, thereby allowing everyone to do the test without barriers or exorbitant costs.

The official website allows buying tests with the LGBT token. The system aims to level the costs and make more accessible this initial test, which allows having a tool to diagnose the HIV virus and minimise contagion: 37 million people have the virus, but about 20% of people in the world do not know they have it and therefore unwittingly spread it.

Thanks to the blockchain, the foundation wants to limit the costs of the test by eliminating intermediaries and making the procedure autonomous and personal. The LGBT token can also be used to buy other products related to health and sex.

In addition, with the test being online on the blockchain, the data will also be traceable and transparent, while ensuring the anonymity of the people who perform the test.

All this will be launched under the name of the “blockchain4good” program developed together with Hornet, so as to expand and reach those who already use this platform. 

This is the explanation of the program of the LGBT Foundation:

“The first stage of our launch allows Hornet users to purchase the highest quality HIV test available, the Insti Self Test. This first program, in itself, creates a self-sustaining model.  As we monitor this, we are working in several countries to launch innovative ways to scale self-tests that are compatible with national health systems. For example, in Thailand we are partnering with Love Foundation to reduce costs, utilize vouchers for “free” and reduced cost tests for key consumers.  In other parts of Asia and Eastern Europe, we are looking at both global funders to subsidize prices as well as government supported reimbursement for those who complete and participate in post test surveys”.


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