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Ripple announces the new portal for developers

Ripple has announced the launch of a new portal for developers, Xpring.io

The website features a wallet, new tools and new services, and is part of the effort to develop on open source software, open standards and open networks, allowing to easily move money around the world as is done today with information.

In addition, new updates to Xpring, XRP Ledger and Interledger have also been announced, with the new version of Xpring SDK now also supporting Go and Python, in addition to Java, Javascript and Swift. 

The new portal acts as a central hub for developers, featuring a wallet that simplifies the generation and management of account credentials. 

In addition, the new system for developers also hosts a native blog with content related to new product versions, community events, emerging use cases and partnership announcements. 

In addition, the blog supports Web Monetization, a new open standard that uses Interledger to allow websites to request very small payments from the user.

According to the press release, the new Xpring.io wallet, created specifically for developers, would simplify the management of all essential tools for developers, such as those used to generate and manage account credentials, view balances and monitor transaction history. It also supports XRP’s Testnet and was created using the Xpring SDK. 

Besides Python and Go, Xpring SDK now also supports sending reliable transactions over XRP Devnet and Testnet to make it easier for developers to send and verify transactions on the XRP ledger.

Other new features include the latest stable version of Ledger XRP, 1.4.0 and the universal RPC high-performance open-source framework.

Ledger XRP also received improved support for StatsD, a drop-in monitoring solution that operators can run to monitor the status of their servers.


Marco Cavicchioli
Marco Cavicchioli
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