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New partnership between AMD and the blockchain gaming platform Ultra

The blockchain-based gaming distribution platform Ultra has announced a strategic partnership with AMD as part of a project to democratise the gaming industry.

Last month another major partnership for Ultra was announced, with the French gaming giant Ubisoft, and this time it’s the turn of the microchip giant. 

Thanks to this partnership, the two companies will collaborate in marketing activities to promote the Ultra platform and the benefits that blockchain-based technologies bring to the gaming world. 

For example, the collaboration includes the organisation of competitions and events to promote the use of blockchain-based gaming technologies. 

AMD will also work with Ultra to optimise cryptographic computing performance on the platform for players using AMD processors and graphics cards. The two companies will continue to explore further opportunities for collaboration in the future.

Ultra will also provide game codes for new games sold on its platform. These games are of various genres and will be a mix of AA, AAA and Indie titles, some of which are exclusive to the Ultra platform. 

Ultra Games is also working on a real ecosystem that will include a number of social features yet to be announced.

Ultra’s CEO, Nicolas Gilot, said: 

“We’re excited to have AMD as a partner because of their dedication to gaming and blockchain technology. They saw our value proposition early on and recognized that blockchain is poised to change the face of gaming”.

AMD’s Head of Blockchain Technology, Joerg Roskowetz, added: 

“AMD is excited about the use of blockchain technology for games publishing, licensing and rights management. AMD and Ultra are working together to make next-generation, community-centric game publishing a reality, transforming the way games are purchased, shared and experienced”.


Marco Cavicchioli
Marco Cavicchioli
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