Paxful: the platform script has already been cloned
Paxful: the platform script has already been cloned

Paxful: the platform script has already been cloned

By Alfredo de Candia - 13 Dec 2019

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As recently announced by Coinsclone, the script of the Paxful exchange has been cloned, which means that it is possible to create a platform with the same functions.

A fundamental part of the blockchain sector consists of exchanges, real entry points into the crypto world for the majority of users, since they allow the purchase and trading of different cryptocurrencies in a simple way.

Obviously, in order to create a secure platform that manages the different trading functions, it is necessary to have several highly qualified developers. 

Other projects, instead, take existing platforms as a reference point and enhance and customise them by modifying the starting code. 

This solution is offered by platforms such as Coinsclone, which keeps the code of over 40 different exchanges, including Binance, Coinbase, LocalBitcoins and now also Paxful.

By using such services, it is possible to reduce both the development costs and the time, considering that the whole platform can be launched in a maximum of 10 days.

Moreover, the various cloned codes are suitable for both a centralised and a decentralised exchange, so it is possible to compete with all platforms offering the same type of service, considering that the code of the entire platform is cloned.

And that’s exactly what happened to Paxful, as announced a few hours ago by Coinsclone on Twitter. The company has made the platform available with a free demo to test the code prior to purchasing it.

Only yesterday, Binance announced a partnership with Paxful in order to simplify access to the crypto world and increase the platform’s liquidity. As a result, Binance users can trade with 167 different fiat currencies, including the Russian Ruble (RUB), Colombian Peso (COP), Mexican Peso (MXN), Canadian Dollar (CAD), Argentine Peso (ARS), Vietnamese Dong (VND), Indonesian Rupee (IDR), Nigerian Naira (NGN).

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