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New records numbers for Ethereum and DeFi

Ethereum and DeFi have just set new record numbers. 

DeFi Pulse has reached a new all-time high for the number of ETH locked in decentralised finance tools: 2.75 million, equal to a dollar value of almost 390 million. 

The growth, which began in July, seems not to want to stop, considering that yesterday there were 2.74 million ETH, the day before yesterday there were 2.73 million, and last week there were 2.71 million. At the beginning of the year there were about 1.8 million, then rose to 2.3 in April, and then fell to 1.68 million at the end of June. Since then, a continuous growth has started, which has led to new records today. 

The total level of funds stored in decentralised finance tools is also high, with over 667 million USD, although in this case the absolute record was reached on December 9th with over 685 million USD. 

The numbers of Ethereum in 2019

Furthermore, the Ethereum network itself has reached new peaks in 2019. 

As Consensys reveals, in 2019 alone more than 20 million new Ethereum accounts were created, of which 4 million active, more than 520 new dApps were released, and the network reached 8,516 nodes. 

In addition, more than 4.7 million ETH, or $670 million at present, have been rewarded to miners. 

Leonardo Pedretti of Ethereum Italy explained:

“In 2020, Ethereum will release some very important technical implementations from the point of view of privacy and security. At the moment the developers are testing the PoS on the testnet and the final release is expected for spring-summer next year. Moreover, DeFi is increasingly gaining ground from the point of view of the number of users and Ether locked. Analysts expect a boom in this area next year. Lastly, always in 2020, Wall Street will start to implement both custodial services and build financial products on Ethereum”.

2019, the year of DeFi

Consensys recognises that 2019 was the year of Decentralised Finance, and that its success was actually what drove the Ethereum network upwards. 

DAI has played an important role, now reaching more than 63 million, with at least another 50 million old SAI still in circulation. At the beginning of the year there were still only 70 million DAI in circulation, while now, summing the new DAI to the new SAI, there are more than 110 million. 

Ethereum co-founder Joseph Lubin has commented on Twitter in this way: 

“The Ethereum machine just keeps chugging!” 

Marco Cavicchioli
Marco Cavicchioli
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