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Venezuela: an airdrop of half Petro as a bonus for Christmas

The President of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, announced that next week there will be an airdrop of half a Petro for all Venezuelan civilians, a transaction that serves as a Christmas bonus

According to reports, all Venezuelan civilians including retirees, public sector workers and military personnel who have registered on the platform called PetroApp, will be able to get the new Christmas bonus equivalent to half a Petro.

At the moment the amount of the determined payment seems to be the equivalent of $30 for all future beneficiaries as long as they are registered on PetroApp. This amount isn’t low, considering that currently, the national minimum wage is less than $10 per month. 

PetroApp seems to be the new national digital platform for the management of Petro, the crypto of the State of Venezuela, and other cryptocurrencies. A web portal where, in addition to buy/sell Petro, or use the half Petro received for Christmas, it is also possible to trade with the other cryptocurrencies that are currently supported such as bitcoin, litecoin and dash. 

This is an invitation from Maduro to his fellow citizens to enter their data into the web portal so that they can also access the Christmas bonus, thus encouraging the adoption of Petro.

In addition, it also seems that the president has said that more than 500,000 Petro would be paid by the state supply to support local and regional governments across the country.

The continued government effort to adopt Petro in Venezuela

This airdrop for Christmas seems to be another attempt by the Venezuelan President to encourage the adoption of the state crypto. 

Petro has been in circulation since 2018, almost 2 years now, and despite the strong support of the government, it does not seem to have found its place in the national economy yet. 

Last month it was revealed that there were only 400 companies that accept payments in Petro in the country and that Maduro had intervened to order all companies in the Venezuelan territory to begin to integrate Petro.

In any case, the Christmas airdrop does not seem to have been the only gift in Petro that Maduro has made to his fellow citizens.

Just last October, in fact, Maduro had announced during a live TV broadcast on Venezolana de Televisión (VTV) that he would give Petro tokens to the regions of the country

On that occasion, Maduro’s promise was to give one million Petro tokens twice a month to each federal state (for a total of 23 federal states in Venezuela). No details were given on the duration of the airdrop.  

Stefania Stimolo
Stefania Stimolo
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