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Coinbase: a partnership with DustAid for crypto donations

Coinbase has announced a partnership with DustAid to facilitate crypto donations during this Christmas period. 

After TravelbyBit, today another giant in the crypto industry has decided to commit and seize the particularly suitable moment for donations of funds to charities and thus to offer its users a way to donate cryptocurrencies. 

Three charities have been selected: NSPCC to help children in need who turn to Childline, Space for Giants to monitor and protect elephants in Africa, and the Little Edi Foundation to deliver boxes of toys to the poorest orphans in Romania. 

The three different campaigns have different collection targets: Space for Giants aims to reach £10,000, NSPCC aims to reach £4,000 and Little Edi Foundation aims to raise £3,000. The fundraising is specifically directed at Coinbase users in the UK.

The Space for Giants project aims to ensure a future for elephants and their environment through peaceful coexistence with people. By monitoring their movements, land use strategies and long-term solutions can be put in place to maintain as peaceful coexistence as possible. 

With £10,000 it will be possible to monitor two elephants by using special collars.

The NSPCC project consists in helping children who are abused or abandoned thanks to a special telephone service, Childline, which provides childcare consultants available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, even on Christmas day. With £4,000, 1,000 calls can be funded. 

Finally, the Little Edi Foundation project addresses “forgotten children” who live in poverty and would otherwise not receive any gifts for Christmas. 

With £3,000 it will be possible to buy, pack and deliver 300 boxes with toys.

DustAid is an organisation that facilitates cryptocurrency donations to charitable projects around the world. Coinbase Commerce, the platform for accepting crypto payments, will be used for the collection. 

DustAid CEO Duncan Murray said: 

“We firmly believe that by using blockchain technology we can help charities positively impact people all over the world. DustAid’s mission is to make giving a simple, easy and transparent part of our daily lives. We are really proud to be working with leading organisations like Coinbase and NSPCC to make this a reality and to help children be heard this Christmas”.

NSPCC’s Lead Digital Producer, Louise Corden, added: 

“Raising funds via cryptocurrency highlights how the NSPCC is continually exploring new ways to enable people to donate to the charity and contribute to our fight for every childhood. We are really grateful for the backing we have received from DustAid and Coinbase, and we now hope that users of cryptocurrency go to their platforms to make a festive donation to Childline”.


Marco Cavicchioli
Marco Cavicchioli
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