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The Top 10 USD Coin (USDC) addresses

Which are the top 10 addresses with the most USD Coin (USDC), the stablecoin that was born from the collaboration between Circle and Coinbase?

As this is a blockchain whose data is public, the information is easy to retrieve. But who do these addresses belong to?

The contract of the USDC stablecoin provides for a total of over 466 million tokens with a value in dollars since it is a stablecoin whose value does not fluctuate very far from 1 dollar.

Also in this case, exchanges dominate the top 10: Binance leads the ranking with more than 90 million USDC.

In third place, there is a smart contract address, which is the Compound USD Coin, a decentralised finance app that is used for interest on loans. Compound has just over 17 million USDC.

In the fifth position there is an address with a little less than 17 million, of which 3.2 million dollars were withdrawn last week from the Huobi exchange, corresponding to 3.2 million USDT, so an address that has diversified its investment in several stablecoins, holding both USDC and USDT.

At position number 9, on the other hand, there is the address of Nexo, a wallet that allows managing interest on stablecoins including the USDC stablecoin itself. Nexo has over 11 million USDC.

The last position in this ranking is occupied by the Huobi exchange with just under 11 million USDC.

At positions 2, 6, 7 and 8 we find anonymous accounts with 30 million USDC, 16.8 million USDC, 13.6 million USDC and 11.6 million USDC, respectively, thus accounts that are quite large in terms of the figures held.

Poloniex has a small portion since it is at position 14 with just under 9 million USDC.


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