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Samsung will support 3 new TRON dApps

Samsung has introduced support for its Galaxy S10 smartphone users that will integrate three new dApps based on the TRON blockchain

The collaboration announced at the end of October between the TRON network and electronics giant Samsung, which saw the official integration of TRON (TRX) into Samsung’s Blockchain Keystore wallet, seems to have marked a new important milestone today.

According to reports, in fact, the decentralised applications based on TRON will now be integrated on one of the South Korean giant’s best-selling smartphones, thereby boosting global mass adoption of the TRON network. 

The news was also shared by the CEO of TRON and BitTorrent, Justin Sun, on his official Twitter channel. 

The new integration seems to involve the addition of Super Player dApps and Blockchain Cuties, while the third has not yet been revealed. Blockchain Cuties also appears to be one of the most popular games among Samsung users, a sort of blockchain-based collectable fantasy game.

Pending the official launch of TRON Apps on Samsung, Sun emphasises how the world of dApps is evolving.

A report provided by the dApp Daily Review shows the current trend among the three dApp blockchains.

As far as volume is concerned, EOS maintains first place, followed by TRON and then Ethereum. The TRON dApp with higher volumes seems to be Wink.

Whereas in terms of adoption, and therefore the total number of users using the 3 blockchain-based dApps, TRON is in first place with 24,000 active users, against about 15,000 of EOS and Ethereum.  

But the formidable Sun continues to announce additional novelties that seem to be already boiling in the pot. Emerging from the dApp world, this is a preview revelation that the CEO wanted to share with his followers:

“New acquisition for BTT and BitTorrent in three days. Stay tuned and welcome new members to BitTorrent family! BTT”.

Stefania Stimolo
Stefania Stimolo
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