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Bitcoin Core vs Wasabi: the community against the false positive

Bitcoin Core is considered the reference implementation to maintain and operate a Bitcoin node, it is a free open-source software provided by the most active developer community in the BTC ecosystem.

Within it, the part of the code dedicated to mining was removed in 2013 due to the arrival of ASICs and the time-consuming maintenance of software that would have to be adapted to all the needs of that specific area. There is no official software in the world of permissionless blockchains but rather those that are commonly used, well-known and secure.

Bitcoin Core is definitely among those known, used and secure, it allows verifying transactions on the blockchain and provides a robust and efficient wallet.

Wasabi and the Bitcoin Core code

The code of Bitcoin Core was then used by Wasabi, a non-custodial wallet dedicated to Bitcoin and focused on privacy, in order to give users the ability to run a full node with a simple click directly from the wallet.

The open-source Wasabi project and its team are now at the center of an awareness campaign aimed at solving a long-standing problem related to the Bitcoin Core software.

The Problem

Despite being one of the most thoroughly tested and monitored open-source software in the world, it is still detected as malware by some antivirus programs that label it as “Bitcoin miner”, blocking its installation or reporting its alleged dangers.

This block is set because of malware designed to exploit computational power in order to extract cryptocurrencies using third-party computers. However, in this case, there’s no malware and this is why the #BitcoinIsSafe and #WasabiIsSafe campaign should be promoted. Downloading a Bitcoin wallet that is detected as dangerous alienates the most inexperienced users and poses barriers to adoption.

Wasabi’s Solution

Wasabi’s team calls the attention of the whole community to download and install the two software and to report the false positive to the antivirus that blocks the installation.

“Sad fact. Bitcoin Core is detected by some antiviruses, despite it being one of the most (if not the most) highly scrutinized and maintained open-source software in existence”, explained to The Cryptonomist Adam Ficsor, creator of Wasabi wallet.

The section of the Wasabi website made available for the campaign also includes an email to report false positives, a form to find the most suitable communication templates and tutorials for direct reporting via the antivirus software.

Attracting the attention of companies that develop antivirus software is the only way to remove unnecessary barriers to the domestic use of such tools. For a community that aims to have an increasing adoption of full nodes, the goal is fundamental.

Lorenzo Dalvit
Lorenzo Dalvit
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