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Blockchain among the most important keywords of 2019 in China

The most significant words of 2019 in China were revealed today during an event held in Beijing, one of which was blockchain

The report was published by the Institute for Cultural Industries at Peking University, which explained which were the 10 keywords and the 10 characteristics of the country’s cultural industry during 2019 and therefore the expected trends for the current year. 

Technological words are in the lead, with terms such as Digital Industry, 5G, Artificial Intelligence and even the term Blockchain.

Both digital technologies as well as a favourable policy towards them have contributed to the growth of industrial cultural development in China during the year that has just come to an end, becoming a pillar of the national economy, as stated by the director of the institute, Xiang Yong.

The other keywords include: integration of culture and tourism, cultural creativity, city branding, protection for cultural relics and creative industrial park.

Most of the words are focused on the national development of culture and technology. 

It is worth noting that, due to the vastness of the territory, there are still many rural areas that do not have an adequate level of education or even less industrialization, which is why China relies heavily on culture to become a central point in their expansion model.

China’s digital currency

Finally, thanks to the recent openness towards the crypto and blockchain sector, China could soon have a digital currency, which could revolutionize the fate of markets and other countries. Even Baidu, a major Chinese company, yesterday launched its digital currency, Xuperchain.

A local report describes Baidu’s new blockchain as follows:

“[Xuperchain] provides users with an environment for rapid deployment and operation of blockchain applications, and computing. The flexible payment capabilities of resources such as storage and storage directly reduce user deployment and operation and maintenance costs, and make trust links more convenient”.

Alfredo de Candia
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