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How to travel almost for free to Turkey with TravelbyBit

TravelbyBit has announced a strategic partnership with the event IstanBlock 2020, which will be held on April 9-10, in Istanbul, as a flagship event of Istanbul Blockchain Week, which runs from April 6-10.

Backed by one of the most important exchanges, Binance, TravelByBit is an Australian company that allows users to book flights and hotels by using cryptocurrencies. In the meantime, TravelbyBit gives clients discounts and crypto incentives.

IstanBlock, an event organized in Turkey with high-level speakers such as Roger Ver, Suresh Duddi, Ivan on Tech, Da Hongfei, Gustav Arentoft, Alex Mashinsky and many more, will grant attendees a $30 travel credit to book their upcoming trips, including, for example, the chance to go to Turkey to attend to the event.

How does TravelbyBit work

TravelbyBit offers to its clients the chance to pay with cryptocurrencies such as BTC, BNB and LTC, as well as traditional fiat payment methods.

TravelbyBit also provides a loyalty programme up to 5% bitcoin earnings on all the purchases. These BTC earned can be then used to book other flights and hotels. 

Caleb Yeoh, CEO and founder of TravelbyBit, said he was looking forward to attending the event and working with Istanblock 2020.

“When your dream is to see crypto being spent freely like cash globally, you head to where the action is. Right now, this is Turkey.”

The partnership to travel to Turkey

To qualify for the $30 travel credit, attendees need to buy an IstanBlock 2020 ticket, then create an account on the TravelbyBit platform and send them an email with proof of the ticket purchase.

Turkey and cryptocurrencies

Back in August 2019, according to a survey conducted by Statista, one in five Turks reported using or owning cryptocurrencies.

The reason behind this case is probably that the country has been facing an economic crisis since 2018 and, from that year on, the national currency, the Turkish lira, depreciated to record highs against the US dollar.

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