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Crypto Valley’s top 50 companies are worth $25 billion

Crypto Valley’s blockchain companies are worth about $25.3 billion. The CV VC Insight – CV VC Top 50 Report H2/2019 outlines the figures of the 50 major blockchain companies operating in Switzerland and Liechtenstein. 

The 50 companies mentioned in the report have raised a total of $4 billion in funding and employ 733 employees. When counting all the blockchain companies in the Crypto Valley, even the small ones, there are 842 in total and they employ 4,400 people

Who are the top 50 companies in the Crypto Valley?

The report divides the companies in the top 50 into three areas listed below.

  • Blockchain Technology, which includes: Santiment, Deon Digital, Golem, Securosys, Bitmain, Aeternity, Aragon, Bandor, Cardano, Concordium, HDAC, Ethereum, Cosmos, Dfinity Foundation, Icon, Lisk, Status, Waves, CasperLabs, Cysec System, Tezos, Polkadot;
  • Blockchain Financial Industry, which includes: Algo Trader, Bitcoin Suisse, Bity, CoreLedger, Crypto Finance, Bittrex, Lykke, Mt Pelerin, SEBA Crypto, Smart Valor, Sygnum, Taurus Group, Token Suisse, Nexo, Cryptix, CustoDigit, Flovtec, Eidoo, Metaco, Xapo, Zuli Republic, Shift Cryptosecurity, Libra.
  • Blockchain (other industries), which includes: Modum, SmartContainers, ETHERISC, Utopia Music, 4ARTechnologies.

The market value, the financing obtained and the number of employees is shown for each company. 

Finally, the report also mentions startups that have the potential to enter the top 50 in the next report. Telegram stands out among them, struggling with the launch of its TON blockchain and Gram cryptocurrency. 


Among the top 50, there are five “unicorns” (the projects worth more than a billion dollars. These are:

  • Ethereum ($14.4 billion);
  • Dfinity ($2 billion);
  • Polkadot ($1.2 billion);
  • Bitmain ($1 billion);
  • Libra ($1 billion). 

It is remarkable that while the number of companies operating in the Crypto Valley has increased, the total value of the top 50 companies monitored by the report fell sharply from the first to the second half of 2019. In fact, in the first half of the year, the total valuation was 42.6 billion dollars, practically halved in the second half when this figure stops at “only” 25.3 billion dollars. 

It should be noted that in the first semester, after deducting the value of Ethereum, the other 49 companies were worth 12.1 billion, which brings the value of Ethereum in the first semester to 30.5 billion dollars. 

Therefore, in six months Ethereum itself has seen its value halved to 14.4 billion.

A mature sector

According to the report, the sector is now mature and enriched with new services from crypto banks, including Seba and Sygnum Bank. The financial sector relies also on the private sector and various providers of custody and transaction services for digital assets. 

The real advantage is the regulatory framework, which makes Switzerland and Liechtenstein leaders in comparison to other countries in the world. In Switzerland, existing legislation has been strengthened to comply with current regulatory principles. And it is no coincidence that Libra, Facebook’s controversial cryptocurrency project, has chosen Switzerland as its home. In Liechtenstein, the Blockchain Act has enabled existing companies to be digitized and integrated into a legal framework. And this is what makes Crypto Valley so successful. 


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