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MimbleWimble on Litecoin, news and undefined timeline

The implementation of MimbleWimble on Litecoin continues. An update is provided by David Burkett, who is in charge of the project. 

According to Litecoin’s blog, the developers have made changes to the structural design to finally arrive at the version that solves some of the issues that had emerged.

David Burkett then proceeded with the LIP (Litecoin Improvement Proposal) published on GitHub, but now it’s time to wait for a number of revisions before it’s considered safe enough. In the meantime, the development of unilateral transactions will proceed. 

Work continues on the validation rules, but much remains to be done. Changes have also been made to the kernel to facilitate soft forks. 

The development team is also working on the so-called Merkle Mountain Range (MMR), a data structure connected to kernels and outputs. There is no news about APIs. 

MimbleWimble on Litecoin, the undefined timeline

According to this latest update, there is no precise timeframe as to when the implementation of MimbleWimble on Litecoin will be completed. At the moment there is a scheduled launch of a testnet by the end of the summer which will include:

  • All block & tx validation rules;
  • Basic p2p messaging;
  • Transaction pool;
  • Syncing;
  • Ability to mine blocks.

It will be necessary to wait for a wallet with a graphical user interface. Transactions will first be carried out manually or through automatic tools.

The completion of the project will have to wait for an undefined time at the moment.

As David Burkett explains in fact:

“Writing blockchain software is difficult, time-consuming, and unpredictable at times. I didn’t want artificial deadlines to force us to rush through parts of the code and introduce defects or security vulnerabilities”.

The announcement of the MimbleWimble implementation on Litecoin was made last August. Since then, developers have been working hard, sharing updates on a monthly basis. Once the integration is complete, Litecoin’s blockchain will be able to enjoy a high level of privacy, entering into direct competition with other well-known privacy blockchains, such as Monero (XMR) and ZCash (ZEC).


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