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Crypto debit cards: the 4 best suggestions in Europe

Debit cards have become a successful system in the crypto world, hence we thought of making a small list of the best crypto card projects in Europe

The ability to keep part of one’s savings in decentralized cryptocurrency circuits and then be able to spend them in everyday life whenever deemed appropriate has become a major necessity.

This is why a series of projects and proposals in the debit card world has led to the death and birth of many alternatives.

After the famous Xapo, which is now no longer available in Europe, and the very useful ePayment whose accounts have been blocked for regulatory verification, here are three new alternatives.

Among them is the all-new Eidoo PAY, which is proving to be interesting with its commercially aggressive proposition

The integration of the wallet and DEX, able to connect to the DeFi world, has a strong appeal today. When choosing a project to rely on, it is essential to observe the ecosystem it has been able to develop. 

The possibility of remaining within a single platform for the management of investments, allocations, loans and expenses, is fundamental for those who approach this world. 

The best crypto cards in Europe


Plutus is based in London and was founded at the end of 2015, it closed a crowdfunding with a total of $1 million that allowed the development of the project. 

Their plans include a mobile app, a VISA debit card and an easy-to-use decentralized exchange. Users can top up their debit card with cryptocurrencies or fiat with conversions facilitated by a DEX.

The wallet provided allows for maximum control of private keys without having to place trust in the company that created the wallet. 

Features of Plutus

  • Internal Token: PLU – 850,000 PLU in circulation out of 20,000,000 total
  • Volumes: PLU has a low trading volume (to date $1800 per day) 
  • Rewards: each transaction rewards the customer with 3% of the purchase in PLU tokens.
  • Crypto convert: ETH – BTC – PLU
  • Wallet: non-custodial
  • Visa Circuit


  • monthly cost 0 €
  • trading fee 1.75% 
  • Does NOT include 3% PLU Rewards


  • monthly cost 4.99€
  • trading fee 0%
  • 3% PLU Rewards 
  • spending limit with the card: 15,000€


  • monthly cost 7.99€
  • trading fee 0%
  • 3% PLU Rewards
  • spending limit with the card: 22.500€


Eidoo is a Swiss company founded in 2017 through an ICO that has raised over $25 million. Eidoo aims to provide easy access to a range of DeFi services and tools, including an integrated hybrid exchange.  

EidooPAY links the debit card, the Eidoo Card, to the decentralized Eidoo wallet. 

It is possible to load it with Bitcoin and Ether in Pounds Sterling or Euro.

EidooPAY Features

  • Internal Token: EDO – 71,931,466 EDO in circulation out of a total of 88,265,911;
  • Volumes: EDO has a good trading volume (to date $104,000 per day); 
  • Rewards: Each transaction rewards up to 10% of the purchase in EDO tokens;
  • Crypto convert: ETH – BTC 
  • Wallet: non-custodial
  • Circuit: Not yet announced (Visa or MasterCard)


  • 100 EDO burned
  • From 0.5% to 2.5% crypto cashback
  • No annual fees 
  • 0% fees for ATM withdrawals 
  • 0% fees on purchases


  • 25,000 EDO staked for a year, then unlocked.
  • From 2.5% to 6.5% crypto cashback
  • No annual fees 
  • 0% for ATM withdrawals 
  • 0% fees on purchases


  • 200,000 EDO staked for a year, then unlocked.
  • From 6.5% to 10% crypto cashback
  • No annual fees 
  • 0% for ATM withdrawals 
  • 0% fees on purchases


TRASTRA is a London based blockchain platform and crypto card that enables cryptocurrency users in the EEA countries to seamlessly cash out their crypto. It supports several cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Ripple, and Litecoin allowing users to transact in cryptocurrencies at minimal rates.

The TRASTRA digital wallet is one of the safest places to store your cryptocurrency; you can also exchange cryptocurrency and buy or sell cryptos using their great exchange rates. These features make TRASTRA a name to reckon with in the digital currency and blockchain sector.

Features of TRASTRA

  • Deposit the cryptocurrency of your choice on your card for free
  • Cash out your cryptos into Euros at no extra fees
  • Make online or offline purchases using Visa TRASTRA card for free
  • Extremely negligible fees for important services such as card to card transfers (non Trastra), pin change, ATM withdrawal, balance inquiry
  • A high daily spend limit of 8000 euros
  • Card accepted worldwide by all visa merchants

Service Fees

  • Account registration — Free
  • Multi-currency crypto wallet— Free
  • Payment account creation — Free
  • Card order
  • Card delivery
  • Monthly Card management
  • Mobile apps

Card Fees

  • Crypto Exchange/Card load fee — Free
  • Offline/Online purchases in EUR — Free
  • Non-Euro purchases — 3% of transaction value
  • ATM Balance Inquiry — €0.35
  • ATM PIN Change — €0.40
  • ATM € withdrawal — €2.25
  • ATM withdrawal non-€ or outside European Economic Area — €2.25 + 3%
  • Card order — 9EUR
  • Card delivery — Free
  • Monthly Card management — 1.25EUR
  • Mobile apps — Free


Some will remember it as TokenCard, this was the ICO that made the project creators raise more than $12 million.

Monolith is a non-custodial wallet that allows ETH and many Ethereum-based tokens to be deposited in the mobile wallet before being converted and spent on the Visa Monolith card.  Designed as a “decentralized bank”, Monolith is closely aligned with the DeFi movement that is fueling Ethereum. DEX integration will be added soon, along with support for Ethereum Name Service.

Monolith Features

  • Internal Token: TKN – 32,694,387 TKN in circulation out of 39,406,760 total
  • Volumes: TKN has a very low trading volume (to date $ 850 per day) 
  • Rewards:  There are no rewards
  • Crypto convert: ETH and Ethereum-based tokens
  • Wallet: non-custodial
  • Circuit: Visa

There is a cost to be incurred when spending an ERC20 token with the card, 1% of the commission goes to the community that allowed the birth of the project through the TKN token.  This will not apply to the token itself. Hence TKN is excluded from the fee.


  • free shipping costs for physical cards
  • no reward or cashback
  • no annual cost 
  • 1.75% cost per purchase 
  • 1.50/2.00 € ATM withdrawal
  • Top-up card fee for token spending 1% (as specified)
  • 7.50€ for the paper account statement
  • daily spending limit 8000€
  • daily cash withdrawal limit 350€
  • 8,000€ maximum deposit on the card

Club Swan

Club Swan offers quick crypto liquidation for users who hold cryptos and want to spend them at traditional stores. What sets Club Swan apart is their concierge service, which allows users to benefit from up to 40% on travel bookings compared to other travel giants such as Expedia.comBookings.com, and Hotels.com.

It allows users to spend 150+ currencies anywhere in the world with a US$15,000 daily transaction limit. Consumers can even get a card in the currency of their choices such as GBP, EUR, USD, JPY, and CNY.

Club Swan also offers a referral program, where users can earn money directly when their invitee joins using their referral link. There are 3 types of cards to choose from, with different benefits: Starter/Premium, VIP, and Chairman. To know more about the company, visit them here. https://clubswan.com/

Fees & Limits
Issuance Fee 129 USD • 2%, min. 1.95 USD ATM Fee • 0.00% Spend Fee • 35 USD Monthly Fee • N/A Minimum Deposit

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