Banca Sella: 1.2 million Italians discover Bitcoin thanks to Hype
Banca Sella: 1.2 million Italians discover Bitcoin thanks to Hype

Banca Sella: 1.2 million Italians discover Bitcoin thanks to Hype

By Lorenzo Dalvit - 18 Mar 2020

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Banca Sella is not fearful of bitcoin and offers its customers a trading and exchange service directly from their online account thanks to Hype.

Hype is a project born in Sellalab, Sella Group’s innovation platform. Digital transformation and open innovation processes are the focus of this business unit supported by the Holding of Banca Sella.

An open path towards cryptocurrencies couldn’t be excluded, thus the famous Hype project, through its online application and account, transforms also into a bitcoin wallet.

The development of this app features the purchase and sale of bitcoin directly from the application.

The bank becomes an intermediary for buying and selling and, by charging a fee, allows users to avoid buying directly on exchanges or other bridging tools, making life easier for small consumers.

The deposit on the Bitcoin addresses, of which the users are in full control, occurs consistently using the blockchain, which is why variable transaction costs are also applied, depending on the standards imposed by the Bitcoin code.

This service is suitable for young people who take their first steps in their finances, there is a plan available starting from 12 years of age.

Three plans: Start, Plus and Premium differ in monthly costs and annual top-up capacity.

Banca Sella between Hype and Innovation 

Banca Sella has always distinguished itself with an innovative spirit, as demonstrated by the long business relationship established with The Rock Trading group, one of the first cryptocurrency exchanges in the world born in Malta and recently passed entirely under Italian jurisdiction.

But what seems to be an innovative step forward for the banking sector, among the pioneers of the blockchain has already been obsolete and perhaps outdated.

The tools made available today by startups and companies born with the new paradigm are very advanced.

In fact, there are many projects linked to debit cards and bank accounts capable of supporting multi-currency wallets linked to decentralized debit cards and exchanges.

In a highly competitive market, these new types of programmable digital currency take different forms and are in “co-opetition” with each other. 

Not simply a competition but not even cooperation, this hybrid form indicates an ecosystem specialized in different directions that maintains at the origin the common vocation of being an alternative to the traditional financial system.

The courage of Banca Sella’s Hype project to approach the sector is to be rewarded, its strong point is the 1.2 million Italians who already use the application.

Lorenzo Dalvit

Blockchain enthusiast tutor, expert in sales and marketing, social community manager, artistic director, musician, lover of disruptive paradigms and life. All my skill are about human interaction and connection

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