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Ripple (XRP) at the forefront against scams

There’s no blockchain or cryptocurrency that avoids scam operations and there are many criminals that are always trying to exploit names, projects and so on – The Cryptonomist itself has been targeted – and that’s why Ripple (XRP) yesterday published a post on how to recognize and defend against online scams.

The post obviously starts from the most common tools that criminals use, YouTube, Twitter, Medium and so on, with profiles created in a clever way complete with photos and description identical to the original profile, making it challenging to find any differences.

That’s why most of the posts with the words “Giveaway”, allegedly published by the most famous blockchains and projects, in 99% of the cases hide scams, completely unrelated to the official accounts. Ripple itself is a constant victim of these scams and for this reason, the team reminds once again that it has no intention to give away any XRP.

“We want to make it known that neither Ripple, nor any executive of our company, has offered-or will ever offer-free giveaways of digital assets. Any XRP giveaway is not endorsed by, affiliated with, maintained, authorized or sponsored by our companyā€¯.

The post continues by providing guidance on how to discover scams by paying attention to whether:

  • Names and accounts are correctly spelt, since if there is even a letter that differs from the original account then it’s definitely a scam;
  • The giveaway is also present in the official pages, if it isn’t, then it’s a scam;
  • They ask for funds or the seed to participate.

Ripple also invites to report all the scam cases that have been found online and, since the company has received a lot of reports about XRP giveaways, they decided to take measures by hiring a company in the cybersecurity field, also setting up a form to report suspicious activities.

Alfredo de Candia
Alfredo de Candia
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