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EOS almost ready for enterprise use

Daniel Larimer, CTO of block.one, the company behind the development of the EOS blockchain, said he is working on a product that uses 4 different chains which communicate with each other, creating a product net of tokens, very useful for the enterprise sector.

The whole thing started from Larimer‘s comment “The future is a multi-chain world“, a clear reference to interoperability between different chains. In particular, Larimer also mentions that EOS is implementing a product that uses as many as 4 independent private chains that communicate with each other to send messages that can be validated between the different blockchains, without the constraint of depending only on one system.

Going further in the tweets there’s talk about how Eosio can be used for the enterprise sector without the need to have a token and with a finality of only 0.5 seconds, which is the time it takes to close a block and make it irreversible. For comparison, bitcoin requires at least 6 confirmations to be sure that the block is safe, and it takes at least one hour for this to happen.

The EOS community seems to have welcomed these ideas, tweeting compliments and asking questions about how these chains work.

The example of BOSCore

Interestingly, this type of implementation, besides being feasible, is also already operational on BOSCore, a project launched a year ago based on Eosio. BOSCore has a finality of 3 seconds and with the BOSIBC (BOS Inter-Blockchain Communication) protocol it is possible to achieve a very high-performance network on all the blockchains based on Eosio.

This is a very important step because, in addition to having a fast solution based on a public blockchain, it can be implemented at levels previously not feasible due to the complexity of resources and inefficiency in terms of speed.



Alfredo de Candia
Alfredo de Candia
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