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The web changes because of the quarantine from Coronavirus

A survey by YouGov, commissioned by Readly – an app that offers unlimited access to over 5,000 digital magazines – shows how the quarantine due to the Coronavirus is changing the habits of Italians using the web.

Excluding work or study activities, 56% of Italians tend to spend time online without significant activities, but only “to relieve boredom”, the report says.

More than 25% of respondents aged between 18 and 39 complain about sleep problems and loss of self-esteem due to too much time spent on social networks, in 35% and 33% of cases respectively.

To preserve their mental well-being during this period, the Italians interviewed identify five good habits:

  • Resting: 64.5%;
  • Reading: 47.5%;
  • Exercise: 45%;
  • Maintaining a healthy diet: 41%;
  • Meditation: 15%.

The study involved a sample of over 1000 Italians in the period March 19th-24th.

“It is not surprising that taking time for oneself, to rest or to exercise is considered as a way to maintain lucidity and positive thoughts. Reading is also seen as a way for Italians to reinvigorate their mental health. Reading magazines in this period is not only valuable in terms of information, but can also be a stimulus for the brain. Unlike passively scrolling through social media or watching TV, the content of magazines can inspire and motivate people,” explained Marie Sophie Von Bibra of Growth for Italy from Readly.

Readly has also noticed a growing activity on its app: downloads increased significantly in all countries: +62% in March, compared to March 2019 and +21% compared to February 2020.

In particular, compared to February, on the Readly platform in the month of March, the following categories saw a greater increase in reading in Italy:

  • Interior Design and Furniture: +56%;
  • Crosswords and Sudoku: +53%;
  • Gardening: +36%;
  • Fitness: +36%;
  • Politics and current affairs: +30%.
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