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A graphic novel dedicated to EOS

One of the Block Producers (BPs) of the EOS blockchain, EOS Detroit, published a page of a graphic novel about EOSio, the software that operates this blockchain.

The image shows a Japanese style, with samurai representing the various sister chains like Telos, Wax and Proton, while above them there is a dragon representing EOSIO, the spirit that gave the spark to light the fire of the creation of this blockchain.

The graphic representation also shows a dragon given in sacrifice, surrounded by the digital fingerprints of those, the BPs, who have joined together to create an ecosystem and a solid bond, a clear reference to what Block.one intends to do in the coming months, starting from May, by actively voting to create the EOS Foundation.

This graphic novel has not gone unnoticed by block.one’s top management and CEO Brendan Blumer appreciated the initiative, recalling his past as a nerd gamer.

Recently, in the latest issue of the Italian “Topolinocomic book, several pages have also been dedicated to crypto, proving that cryptocurrencies are increasingly reaching the masses, at least in terms of knowledge of their existence.

What will change from May on EOS?

May will certainly be a revolutionary month for the EOS blockchain and the direct intervention of Block.one in the vote of the most deserving BPs will change the fate of the current Block Producers. 

With its weight in terms of the number of votes, Block.one would be able to exclude for example the BPs that belong to the exchanges, since some do not actively participate in the pool but only exploit the tokens received from their users.


Alfredo de Candia
Alfredo de Candia
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