John McAfee on Instagram with his wife
John McAfee on Instagram with his wife

John McAfee on Instagram with his wife

By Eleonora Spagnolo - 4 May 2020

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John McAfee on Instagram with his wife, who opened a unique profile for both of them

The announcement came via Twitter directly from the famous crypto influencer. The official Instagram profile of the couple has already ended up in the bio indicated on Twitter, so as to better promote themselves. 

As can be read in the tweet, the initiative belongs to Janice, wife of John McAfee, and the profile was created to tell the story of their eight years together. 

The account was actually opened on April 17th. At the moment there are 10 posts, most of them uploaded last night, during the tweet with which McAfee announced the launch of the new Instagram profile.

John McAfee, Instagram vs Twitter

John McAfee already had an official account on the social network, carrying a blue checkmark. However, his last post dates back to November 2019. The bio says he is a candidate for the presidency of the United States for 2020. Opened in 2015, he has 53,000 followers. A lot compared to the 300 or so of the new account opened with his wife. 

What’s certain is that McAfee prefers Twitter to Instagram, as shown by the continuous tweetstorm in which he is the protagonist pretty much every day.

This second channel was created by his wife and it’s no coincidence that many of the photos posted on it portray them together. 

Yesterday on Twitter McAfee inaugurated #McAfeevideo day, a special day in which he re-launched videos, “unfiltered”, with sometimes very explicit contents in which he addresses different themes, from politics to church to blockchain, in his disruptive and irreverent style that made him an influencer. 

McAfee and the Coronavirus

In his latest tweets, there is also room for criticism of the US government on the measures taken to combat the Coronavirus. Unlike Elon Musk who called the lockdown fascist, McAfee instead comments on some provisions:

“The “emergency” laws recently enacted by State and local Govt’s are simply Communism”.

He refers to measures that provide that tenants may not pay rent. However, landlords continue to pay their mortgages. Words that have sparked debate and controversy and will continue to drag on until the 2020 presidential election campaign in which McAfee aims to be the disruptive element in the classic race between Democrats and Republicans.  

After all, John McAfee had already been very critical of the emergency, showing his support to Tesla’s CEO who considered the risk of Covid-19’s death unlikely.

On that occasion, McAfee agreed with Musk’s thesis, arguing that there’s a higher probability of dying from a car accident than from Coronavirus. The worsening emergency probably didn’t lessen his scepticism


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