Zilliqa, record-breaking market data
Zilliqa, record-breaking market data

Zilliqa, record-breaking market data

By Alfredo de Candia - 5 May 2020

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Zilliqa shared market data and statistics on their project and blockchain, illustrating the progress made during the first quarter of 2020.

The graph is very simple but quite eloquent and is divided into 4 macro categories with various statistics: 

  • Community, 
  • Twitter, 
  • Use of the network,
  • Viewership.

The statistics of the community show that more than 130 thousand members have entered into communication with them, which is also reflected in the mentions on social media where the volume has increased by 25 times. Translated into numbers, Zilliqa has been mentioned on social networks on average 5 million times a week.

These data refer mainly to Twitter, the social media of reference in the crypto world. On this platform, compared to the last quarter of 2019, the percentage increases are triple-digit, the number of followers increased by 220%, the number of mentions by 113% and the number of visits by 79%.

Turning to the statistics of views, there is an average of 500 clicks, more than 1.4 billion UVM among all the media that have mentioned Zilliqa, which has led to an increase in traffic of more than 4000%.

The graph then concludes with information on the use of the blockchain, increased by 34% for a total of over 6 billion ZIL tokens in circulation, which is reflected in the number of transactions, increased by 8% with over 1.2 million, while the number of addresses increased by 36%.

The development and progress of this blockchain are really impressive, for instance, the TimeStamp, the bot to make tips with ZIL as well as the future possibility of staking. Everything suggests that Zilliqa will continue making people talk about itself.

Even the price of the ZIL token, after the abrupt collapse on February 26th and March 13th aligned with the rest of the industry, now seems to be heading upwards, settling at $0.007.


Alfredo de Candia

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