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The notarization on the EOS blockchain

EOS has launched a notarization service on its blockchain called Proof of file existence from blockchain.

 The platform can be accessed here and has a user-friendly interface where users can simply drag and drop the file or add it manually by browsing through the files on their device. Once uploaded, the file will undergo the SHA256 cryptographic process and will return a hash that will be directly recorded on the EOS blockchain, providing a link to the transaction.

As can be read on the homepage, the file is not uploaded outside the device and everything is done locally, so without any inconvenience with sensitive and confidential documents. Moreover, the platform does not require a wallet or even an EOS account to use it. The service is free.

In fact, when checking the transaction that is generated, there is an EOS token transfer for the minimum amount, equal to 0.0001 EOS, between 2 accounts and within the memo field of the transaction there is the hash that was generated from the file.

At this point the process is complete since there are no other operations to do within the platform and the files remained locally, no procedures or tools such as wallets have been used and no fees have been paid.

The notarization service on the EOS blockchain certainly represents an alternative to other similar solutions, think of Notarify, which is more structured, or the recent TimeStamp on the Zilliqa (ZIL) blockchain. 

This shows how there is a strong demand for similar services in this sector, especially for those who need to demonstrate “ownership” of a file or its existence. The peculiarity of this system is that the SHA256 function reproduces the same output from the same file, so if the file has been tampered with then the output will inevitably be different too.


Alfredo de Candia
Alfredo de Candia
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