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Tagomi: new acquisition for Coinbase

Coinbase, a famous exchange that also features products for institutional investors, has acquired Tagomi, a brokerage platform.

Coinbase announced the acquisition and explained that Tagomi represents reliability, expanding its vision of where the crypto industry is now: the world’s largest hedge funds and major investors are entering the industry and looking for a reliable infrastructure to operate.

Coinbase and institutional investors

To meet the needs of institutional investors, Coinbase had created Coinbase Custody years ago, which recently added several assets and margin trading.

Now, with this new acquisition, the offer for institutional investors is expanding with brokerage: investors will be able to rely on a single company that can manage everything from asset custody to margin trading without any problems, not even in terms of security.

For its part, Tagomi, launched over 18 months ago, has been chosen by the largest investment funds including Pantera Capital, Bitwise and others. Their team, co-founded by Greg Tusar, Jennifer Campbell and Marc Bhargava, originates from the traditional financial sector and companies such as Goldman Sachs, Citadel and others.

This could represent the beginning of a new wave of institutional investors who will be able to enter the crypto world by increasing their focus on the sector.

Furthermore, this shows how more and more institutions are turning their attention to this sector and cryptocurrencies. Recently, a bitcoin-based pension plan has also been created.

Furthermore, institutional investors had already traded a lot of bitcoins last March thanks to Bakkt futures and other solutions, increasing the volumes of the asset.

Bitfinex has also recently launched itself in this sector with a cryptocurrency custody product for this type of investors.


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