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Amazon obtains a DLT patent aimed at the supply chain

An Amazon patent has been approved for a DLT that deals specifically with supply chains:

Amazon patent

As can be read from the information, the patent was filed 3 years ago, in July 2017, and only last May 26th was it finally approved

It concerns a platform for the verification and tracking of objects in a supply chain using a DEL (Distributed Electronic Ledger), in other words a simple DLT.

The platform will allow tracking all relevant information about an object, such as:

  • the price of the object both new and used, 
  • the batch, 
  • the location, 
  • the product rating on Amazon, 
  • return policy.

It will be a sort of internal label that will allow to trace in a simple and fast way all the information useful for a correct interpretation of the data and to understand whether that type of object is relevant for the consumer or not.

Amazon uses an automation system for its orders and with the use of DLT may also want to implement a system to catalogue products according to user satisfaction, so as to organize stocks according to habits and locations, as a way to best meet consumer needs.

A DLT is a system that has only a handful of things in common with traditional blockchains. Because they are private in nature, they cannot be used by anyone outside the network, effectively preventing access and verification of data.

The DLT implemented is not specified, but reference is made to the Hyperledger solution, a project created by the Linux Foundation.

It seems that Amazon has been behind blockchain-type solutions for some time now but it is not yet ready to use a real public blockchain. 

If and when this will happen it would be a real revolution for the technology that could boast to be suitable even for Amazon: a sort of “Used by Amazon”.



Alfredo de Candia
Alfredo de Candia
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