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The NFT mystery box from IOST

The IOST blockchain team announced that they have organized a new event that will last until next year and will use collectable NFTs (Non Fungible Tokens) to win a so-called Mystery Box that will contain several prizes such as merchandising, staking votes, event tickets and more.

IOST mystery box

We are witnessing a real revolution in marketing involving the use of NFTs for a long-term collection in order to unlock the prize. It’s basically a sort of points collection but based on blockchain.

Often, in fact, especially to make the non-experts understand what tokens are, they are defined as digital stamps, and the comparison fits well here.


This event and the related use of NFTs have been made possible thanks to the recent implementation of the IRC-721 standard that allows to uniquely identify, through an ID, a specific token that can thus distinguish itself from all other tokens.

In addition, their limited quantity makes them authentic collectables with a value for that type of market.

One of the features of the IOST blockchain is that it is based on the form of consensus called Proof of Believability.

PoB ensures that the nodes have a negligible probability of error, significantly increasing the volume of transactions that can be executed by varying the size of the Shards.

Creating a token on this blockchain is also very easy, with the option of either IRC20, IRC21 or IRC721, the latter being in fact non-fungible tokens.

The rules to participate in the IOST event

As for the event, all 9 official commemorative NFTs will have to be collected, which will be in limited quantities: the first 8 are only found in 1000 copies each, while for the last piece there will only be 200 copies, hence it will be extremely rare to get the Mystery Box.

The first of these NFTs can already be obtained until June 18th by following these simple rules:

  • Post on Twitter a story about “my first anniversary with IOST” and add the hashtag #My1stIOSTNFT;
  • Complete the relevant form.

It will be possible to participate in the various events until February 25th, 2021, the second anniversary of the IOST blockchain.


Alfredo de Candia
Alfredo de Candia
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