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IOHK joins Hyperledger

IOHK, which provides support to the Cardano (ADA) project, has formed a partnership with the Hyperledger project, famous for its private blockchains.

As everyone knows, behind the Cardano (ADA) blockchain there is Hong Kong-based IOHK, and it is the company that supports the project in the development of an incredibly scalable blockchain using PoS (Proof of Stake).

Recently, the data from Cardano’s Incentivized Testnet (ITN) has proved to be very useful and probably next month they will move on the mainnet.

With regard to Hyperledger, which is a sort of consortium of blockchain companies, it is a project based on the development of a framework of tools and libraries for the enterprise sector and therefore mainly aimed at companies.

Currently, Hyperledger can boast over 250 members from different sectors such as finance, banking and others, demonstrating how many people want to implement new technologies like blockchain, despite all the differences that Hyperledger offers compared to a public blockchain.

And it is precisely in this consortium that IOHK will take part to collaborate with the community and bring their vision to expand the field of interoperability and thus bring together all the different blockchains.

The collaboration will certainly give prominence to the name of IOHK and obviously also to that of the Cardano blockchain, as stated by the CTO of IOHK himself, Romain Pellerin:

“IOHK firmly believes that a community’s overall success largely depends on its ability to collaborate. It’s great to be involved in an organization which shares that philosophy and is working towards utilising blockchain to create a better industry, and more open, accessible world.”

It is worth not forgetting that Cardano, with its project, carries on what for them is defined as the third generation blockchain of which Cardano (ADA) represents the main component.

Brian Behlendorf, executive director of Hyperledger, has also stressed that cross-industry technology is indispensable:

“Our goal at Hyperledger is to bring together a strong and diverse community to advance cross-industry blockchain technologies, IOHK has deep domain expertise and a strong vision for decentralized networks that makes it a great addition to our community”.

Hyperledger, a private blockchain

However, there are considerations to be made when talking about Hyperledger because, being a consortium, this implies that access to the network is subject to the approval of the members of that network, which is therefore not open to everyone, thus making it a permissioned blockchain, commonly referred to as a private blockchain.

In fact, Hyperledger is often defined more as a DLT rather than a real blockchain, assuming that a real blockchain is that of Bitcoin, a decentralized network. 

Cardano and the ADA cryptocurrency

Looking at the data relating to the price of the Cardano (ADA) crypto, it is possible to see how its price is continuing to grow steadily. This may also be due to the various updates this blockchain is undergoing.


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