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Lugano: booking via app using the blockchain

The city of Lugano has announced the launch of a new app for booking safe access to public spaces and events in the city. The app, “Prenota Lugano”, will also use the blockchain.

Due to the health emergency caused by COVID-19, there was the risk of having to keep public facilities closed for a long time, but the city decided instead to guarantee safe access using digital technological solutions, coupled with the professionalism of local businesses. 

This is how “Prenota Lugano” was born, available on the website prenota.lugano.ch, which makes it easy to book access to lidos and beach facilities, museums and events scheduled from June to September by the Department of Culture, Sports, Events. 

The app for iOS and Android will be released soon. 

The platform facilitates the reopening of public facilities and safe access for citizens and tourists.

The new platform, unique of its kind, has been created in record time by an interdisciplinary team with the aim of meeting the needs of the Department of Culture, Sports, Events to comply with the rules of conduct and management of groups set by the Federal Council.

First of all, Prenota Lugano allows an easy reading of the offers that can be booked daily, but it also allows a controlled and safe access to, for example, the city’s lidos and exhibitions at the Museum of Cultures, the LAC and the events scheduled for the LongLake Festival 2020. 

As a result, citizens and tourists will be able to check in real-time the level of availability of municipal facilities and events, booking their entrance on a set date and at a set time, without risking wasted trips or long waits due to the entry restrictions imposed by health and cantonal regulations. 

They can also access public facilities without any kind of physical contact, i.e. in contactless mode.

Booking services online will avoid having to physically use credit cards or cash, will allow accessing the availability of the services directly from home, respecting the regulations in force and knowing in advance the availability of the various facilities.

The objective of the City of Lugano is also to initiate a process of technological innovation to provide citizens and tourists in the area with new innovative solutions.

Among the companies involved in the development of the platform, there is also Luxochain SA, which created the app and which typically creates digital certificates of authenticity recorded on the blockchain. 

Starting in July, a first update of the Prenota Lugano platform will be released, which will also integrate blockchain-based functionality, thanks to the addition of a system of loyalties for users

The CEO of Luxochain SA, Davide Baldi, said: 

“We are happy to participate in this strategic initiative and to be able to contribute to the achievement of the city’s objectives, to protect the safety of citizens and at the same time approach technological innovation, leading Lugano to be more and more at the forefront of international Smart Cities”. 

The Swiss Blockchain Consortium, of which The Cryptonomist is a member, is also part of the project. 


Marco Cavicchioli
Marco Cavicchioli
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