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Kanye West Coin coming to Cardano

Should Kanye West actually participate in the US presidential election in November, a Kanye Coin will be issued on Cardano

This was revealed by the co-founder of the Cardano project, Charles Hoskinson, during yesterday’s AMA video session on YouTube

Indeed, the famous American rapper Kanye West has announced that he wants to run in the November presidential election against Donald Trump and Joe Biden, supported by his wife Kim Kardashian and Elon Musk

In reality, he had already announced a long time ago that he wanted to run, but in the end, in 2016 he supported Donald Trump. This time, however, he seems to really want to take part in the elections. 

In this regard, should he actually participate, Hoskinson has announced that, depending on how many votes the rapper will get, as many Kanye Coins will be issued.

Hoskinson said: 

“I tell you what, if it’s not a joke, when Cardano has native assets, to demonstrate the power and uniqueness of native assets, we will issue Kanye Coin, and the circulation will be one token for each vote that Kanye gets in the election. And they can be nice collector’s items and will airdrop them proportionally to all the ADA holders”. 

But the initiative will not only involve Kanye West. 

In fact, Hoskinson has promised the same thing for Brock Pierce, also a candidate for the presidential election in November

He said: 

“Brock Pierce also announced [his candidacy], and he’s a good old friend of mine, we’ve known each other for a long time. So also to advertise our native asset standard, we will do the same thing for Brock Pierce, Pierce coin and Kanye Coin. So it’s a great way of demonstrating how multi-asset works and it’s a great way of demonstrating connections to real-life events”.

In fact, he added that to do this (in a decentralized way), they will need an oracle, so they will start the development of the oracle in the hope of making it work before the elections. 

One of the possible uses of these tokens will be betting on predictions of results, although Hoskinson has not specified in detail how it will work. 

Surely the main objective is to get some visibility on the new feature that allows issuing tokens on Cardano. 

Marco Cavicchioli
Marco Cavicchioli
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