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Guide to the Bit Fun faucet

Bit Fun is considered one of the most reliable faucets, comparable to Moon Bitcoin and Cointiply

Before being able to interact with this platform, it is necessary to have an account on CoinPot which is the hub for the allocation of cryptocurrencies, allowing to withdraw or exchange them within the platform without any fee.

How to use Bit Fun

Upon the first launch there are three options: 

  • “Play games”, which allows playing a variety of different proposals from the website, such as variations of the game Cut the Rope or Chess;
  • “Roll Dice”, where players can bet using satoshis in a game of dice and guess the result in order to multiply their bets;
  • “View offers, with various survey offers and promotions.

bit fun

Bear in mind that these types of platforms are overcrowded with advertisements and scripts, which means that in order to have a smooth experience it will be necessary to disable any form of ad-block.

After playing or taking part in the various surveys, a summary of the earned satoshi and the balance on CoinPot can be found at the top, and after pressing the “Claim now!” button, the satoshi will be credited to the user’s CoinPot account:

bit fun

The transaction takes just a few seconds from Bit Fun to CoinPot.

As can be seen, this kind of system is not very profitable, but it still allows to obtain a few satoshis with the minimum effort and with consistency it’s possible to get a thousand satoshis, simply for fun since it’s difficult to get rich with these kinds of systems.

What are faucets

Faucets are a mechanism that allows anyone to obtain a small amount of crypto. It is a form of marketing to encourage the use of a cryptocurrency. In the past bitcoin also adopted this tool in which as many as 5 BTC were distributed.

Over time this technique has evolved and has been combined with more traditional marketing, in fact the idea was to take advantage of the decentralization of bitcoin to reward users who interact with the platform, for viewing advertising, doing surveys, and even playing some sponsored games.


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