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Crypterium Diversifies Its Card Offering With The New Crypterium Card VISA Edition

London, UK | July 9, 2020: Crypterium, a KPMG-awarded Fintech startup, is excited to announce the launch of a new payment card the Crypterium Card VISA Edition. This card comes as an alternative to the Crypterium Card UnionPay, which is already used by over 30,000 cryptocurrency holders in over 150 countries.

The Crypterium Card VISA Edition is the latest innovation of Crypterium, a company focused on making cryptocurrencies as easy to spend as cash. As all other products of the Crypterium family, this VISA edition is seamlessly integrated to the award-winning Crypterium Wallet.

Following year-long negotiations, Crypterium is now an official partner of VISA, the worlds leading card issuer. This partnership allows Crypterium to provide its more than 500,000 customers with a globally accepted payment solution.

Unlike all other cryptocurrency cards on the market, the Crypterium Card VISA Edition is absolutely free. The goal is simple: lowering the barriers for cryptocurrency holders.

Nowadays, most banks offer prepaid cards at no cost. At Crypterium, our goal is to make available similar (or even better) financial services for cryptocurrency holders. People using digital assets needed a truly affordable payment card. And thats what our VISA card is all about, explained Austin Kimm, Chief Operating Officer at Crypterium.

The only cost associated with the Crypterium Card VISA Edition is delivery. The express delivery option comes at a reasonable 14.99. Yet, holders of Crypteriums CRPT tokens will also benefit from free-of-charge delivery.

Another distinctive aspect of the Crypterium Card VISA Edition is its vibrant design. Yellow and black colors on a horizontal set up make this card stand out on any wallet.

The Crypterium Card VISA Edition is loaded by exchanging cryptocurrencies on the Crypterium Wallet to fiat money. Crypteriums in-wallet exchange service instantly converts the digital currencies into euros ready to be spent. The system is integrated with the worlds top exchanges to provide competitive rates on each transaction. The top up fee is 2%.

Paying with Crypterium Card VISA is a smooth experience. The card offers contactless technology, allowing clients to tap it on any POS terminal. The card is also expected to support Apple Pay, so cardholders can easily pay with their mobile devices.

The Crypterium Card VISA offers high spending and withdrawal limits. On a monthly basis, a cardholder can spend up to 10,000 and withdraw 2,500 in cash.

This card is managed by the user through the Crypterium Wallet (iOS & Android). Cardholders can block and unblock the card, modify their security PIN, and keep track of spendings in a smart and clean history.

In terms of security, all Crypterium accounts are 100% insured by the leading custodian service in the cryptocurrency industry BitGo. Crypterium Card VISA holders can rest assured that their funds are protected against any thread.

About Crypterium

Crypterium is the worlds leading crypto-bank. Awarded by KPMG and H2 Ventures, our solutions provide customers and businesses with global, affordable, and flexible financial services that make cryptocurrencies as easy to spend as cash.

The Crypterium Wallet and Crypterium Card bridge the gap between traditional and crypto finance, enabling anyone to move in and out from digital currencies. More than 500,000 customers in 180+ countries already trust our services.

More information: https://cards.crypterium.com/visa

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