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PlanetWatch, clean air coming to Algorand

In a few hours the PlanetWatch project, dedicated to the collection of data on air pollutants, will be launched on the Algorand mainnet.

The Algorand blockchain

The Algorand (ALGO) blockchain is well suited for storing onchain data as its low-fee system (0.001 ALGO) and its speed allow the integration of different projects.

Also, creating a token on this blockchain is really simple and cheap, hence there is an incentive for different projects to use Algorand.

What is PlanetWatch?

Moving on to PlanetWatch, which can boast an all-Italian team, the project focuses on collecting data about air pollution, storing them on the Algorand blockchain so that they are available to all users.

The interesting thing about this project is the use of IoT (Internet of Things) systems that allow collecting data through a sensor that the company provides by filling out a special form.

This allows not only to record the data but to store it directly on the blockchain, without any external intervention and thus without compromising the data.

In addition, the system provides users with the relevant Planet tokens.

The aim is to decentralize and improve standards for air monitoring, said the CEO of PlanetWatch, Claudio Parrinello:

“PlanetWatch is going to decentralize and raise the standards for air quality monitoring. From now on, our data will be building the first permanent, tamper-proof global air quality ledger on the most advanced blockchain in the world”.

This project demonstrates how scalable Algorand’s blockchain is, continued the COO of Algorand, W. Sean Ford:

“PlanetWatch’s selection of an advanced, scalable blockchain demonstrates their long term vision and dedication to lasting environmental value. We have been supporting this project from its inception and have a shared vision for sustainable technology. It is truly exciting to see their launch on Algorand’s MainNet”.

Alfredo de Candia
Alfredo de Candia
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