DeFi: Moonstake and Infinito wallet for improved staking
DeFi: Moonstake and Infinito wallet for improved staking

DeFi: Moonstake and Infinito wallet for improved staking

By Alfredo de Candia - 10 Sep 2020

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Moonstake Wallet has announced that it has partnered with Infinito Wallet to integrate its staking system and expand its offering in the DeFi sector.

Thanks to this partnership Infinito Wallet users will be able to stake their tokens directly through Moonstake.

In this way, it will be easier for them to collect the rewards of the various pools without installing a second application.

Moonstake, a DeFi wallet

It is worth noting that Moonstake represents a real giant in the sector and it is an application that best satisfies the demand for staking offerings, especially because it is one of the few that supports different protocols and blockchains such as Cosmos, IRISnet, Ontology, Harmony, Cardano, QTUM and Tezos.

Infinito Wallet, on the other hand, can boast a base of 30 thousand active users worldwide who move millions of dollars in crypto.

This wallet can be used to manage various crypto assets such as EOS, ADA, ETH, ONT and others; it also has a dApp browser so users can interact directly with their wallet and use other applications without the risk of entering their private key each time.

Moreover, this wallet also allows users to buy crypto through the Changelly exchange and thus obtain different cryptocurrencies using 167 different fiat currencies and over 300 different payment methods to satisfy all users of all countries and ages.

This ease of use has been highlighted by the CEO of Moonstake, Mitsuru Tezuka:

“Infinito Wallet offers safe and easy access to various blockchain-powered services. With the strong collaboration between Moonstake and Infinito, both of our ecosystems can provide the best services to both the community and entire blockchain industry. We are looking forward to our upcoming integration”.

For Director Jack Nguyen of Infinito Wallet, it is a pleasure to be alongside Asia’s largest staking pool:

“We are excited to partner with Moonstake, which is committed to creating Asia’s biggest staking pool network so Infinitors and Moonstake users can enjoy a perfect blockchain and staking experience. We believe that this partnership further boosts the Defi ecosystem and grows the wider blockchain community together”.

Only last month, Moonstake also partnered with Ruby Capital and Ramp DeFi to expand its services in this area.


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