The price of the Atom cryptocurrency is relatively stable
The price of the Atom cryptocurrency is relatively stable

The price of the Atom cryptocurrency is relatively stable

By Marco Cavicchioli - 4 Oct 2020

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The price of the ATOM cryptocurrency of Cosmos has remained relatively stable over time. 

Usually, cryptocurrencies have a very volatile price, which over time fluctuates significantly, and very quickly. 

Whereas the price of ATOM has been fluctuating a little less, resulting relatively stable in the short term. Nevertheless, it is much more volatile than the value of the most widespread fiat currencies in the world, but less volatile than the vast majority of cryptocurrencies. 

It is a relatively young cryptocurrency as it debuted on the crypto markets in March 2019 at around $7. Now, a year and a half later, its price has fallen below $5, but during these months it has almost always fluctuated around $4. 

Actually, just a few days after its debut on the crypto markets, its price had already dropped to $3.4, and then rose again to over $6 during the following month. 

This, observing the price curve of ATOM since its launch, seems to be a peculiar characteristic of this cryptocurrency. 

In other words, every time the price has exceeded the 6$ then it has dropped, and every time it has fallen around or under the 2$ level then it has risen again. 

Calculating the average price from March 2019 until today, averaging all daily prices, the result is close to $3.9. 

Therefore it is possible to affirm that until now the price substantially has always oscillated between 2$ and 6$, more or less around an average of 4$. 

Except for the nervous initial oscillations, starting from June 2019 it has had two phases of decrease, followed by two phases of growth, and one decrease phase which has not yet ended. 

The first phase of decline brought the price from $6.9 to $2 in about two and a half months, from the end of June to the beginning of September 2019. Then a four-month-long growth phase was triggered, bringing the price back to over $5 in mid-February 2020. 

The collapse of the financial markets in mid-March brought the price back below $2, generating the second phase of decline lasting only one month, followed by the second phase of growth that brought the price back to over $8 at the end of August. 

At that point, the third phase of decline, perhaps not yet concluded, was triggered, which brought the price back to its current level below $5. 

Therefore, excluding the initial placement at $7, for three times the price has risen more or less to $6, or more, and for three times then fell, two of which down to $2 or lower. 

Overall therefore it has maintained an average price slightly below 4$, with phases of oscillation above or below this level lasting a few months each. 

If this dynamic is compared, for example, with the price of Bitcoin or Ethereum in the same period, it is clear that BTC or ETH did not have phases of growth and decrease so similar among them, in fact in both cases the current price is substantially higher than that of March 2019. 

Bitcoin for example has increased from $4,000 to $10,000, i.e. it has more than doubled its value, while Ether has increased from $137 to $343, again with an increase of more than 100%. 

In other words, the oscillations of the price of ATOM do not seem to follow the same trend of BTC or ETH, and they seem instead to hold on the long term an average value around the 4$, thing that happens neither for Bitcoin nor for Ethereum. 

ATOM is not defined a stablecoin, because its value oscillates around 300% between the minimums and the maximums, but in these months it does not seem to have followed a trend of growth or decrease. 

Marco Cavicchioli

Born in 1975, Marco has been the first to talk about Bitcoin on YouTube in Italy. He founded and the Facebook group" Bitcoin Italia (open and without scam) ".

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