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Bitcoin SV will sponsor the Cambridge University Metanet Society

The Bitcoin Association, which works for Bitcoin SV, has announced that it is sponsoring the Cambridge University Metanet Society

The Cambridge University Metanet Society works on protocols and applications for the integration of the developing world into the global economy, and on platforms that redefine the global news publishing landscape with trustless systems based on the Bitcoin SV blockchain. 

The sponsorship will be provided by Bitcoin Association for the second consecutive year, and for the 2020-21 academic year, AC will be the main sponsor. 

The Metanet Society was founded by PhD in genetics Robin Kohze to support students in learning and developing applications using the Bitcoin SV protocol, and is named after Craig Wright’s “Metanet” project.  

Metanet is a data protocol that works on the Bitcoin SV blockchain to structure and facilitate a new Internet where all online activities and data can be effectively monetized with BSV, including micropayments towards businesses and end-users. 

Metanet applications have already been launched on the Bitcoin SV network for social media, digital advertising, consumer reviews, domain names and even a new browser.

In this scenario, the Metanet Society at Cambridge University will join the Metanet project, having already hosted hundreds of students in a series of events, including discussion forums, development workshops and weekly meetups, as well as a six-week coding competition called the Phoenix Challenge.

Bitcoin SV and Cambridge University Metanet Society 

The Bitcoin Association and the Cambridge University Metanet Society will discuss new opportunities for interdisciplinary collaboration at the BSV Virtual Meetup to be held today at Cambridge. 

The founding president of the Bitcoin Association, Jimmy Nguyen, said:

“Advancing Bitcoin SV learning in academia is a core pillar of our mandate at Bitcoin Association, as we seek to educate the next generation of STEM professionals about the wide range of use cases for Bitcoin SV’s data protocol and blockchain. Through our partnership with the Cambridge University Metanet Society, we have the opportunity to collaborate with some of the brightest minds in academia today as they investigate the immense technical capabilities of Bitcoin’s original protocol”.

The founder and president of the Cambridge University Metanet Society, Robin Kohze, added: 

“When we started the Cambridge University Metanet Society, we were a small group of students with an initial vision for what the society might eventually become. Bitcoin Association has been a cornerstone in helping to make those plans a reality. With Bitcoin Association, we have a reliable partner that not only provides financial support and access to the broader Bitcoin SV ecosystem, but also essential expertise to help master the many challenges of larger projects and events”.


Marco Cavicchioli
Marco Cavicchioli
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