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Maisie Williams asks for advice on Bitcoin, Twitter goes wild

“Should I go long on Bitcoin? This is Maisie Williams‘ tweet that caused Twitter to go wild last night. For those who don’t know her, Maisie Williams is notorious to the general public for playing Arya Stark in Game of Thrones

The tweet unequivocally shows that the actress knows Bitcoin, and given the exponential growth in price in recent hours, she wonders whether it is not time to invest and go long.

Maisie Williams asked the question by launching a survey. The curious thing is that at the time of writing this article, 51% said yes, 49% said no, which indicates that the community is divided.

Reactions to Maisie Williams’ tweet about Bitcoin

The tweet has also prompted famous personalities.

Elon Musk‘s response stands out as he seems to be humming a tune:

“Toss a bitcoin to ur Witcher”, though, does not refer to Game of Thrones but to another TV series that is very popular among nostalgic GOT fans, “The Witcher”. In this case, the protagonist is a witcher who makes a living by killing monsters. He is followed by a bard who writes this tune for him (which becomes a bit of a hit song), which goes something like “toss a coin to your witcher”. It is not known whether Elon Musk confused the two TV series. 

In any case, Maisie Williams replied with equal irony, asking Elon Musk how Blue Origin, a company focused on space development, was doing, which is in direct competition with Elon Musk’s projects, as it is the company of Jeff Bezos. 

Mike Novogratz replied claiming he bought more Bitcoin now that it’s at $15,800, because soon BTC will go to $20,000 and then $65,000, so he ends his answer with:

“Yes, buy it.”

“Crypto Winter is NOT Coming”

This is what the Gemini exchange claims, which paraphrases the motto of the Starks of Winterfell (the family of Arya Stark, the protagonist of the GOT saga) which was “winter is coming”. No, crypto winter is not coming. 

But to Gemini’s response, suggesting buying on their exchange, Barry Silbert countered by inviting her to invest with Grayscale, which just recently announced that they own something like 500,000 BTC

Justin Sun also replied that this is FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) time.

A piece of different advice (probably sarcastic) comes from Riccardo Spagni from Monero: 

The official CoinMarketCap profile replied with a GIF:

The images bring to mind the scream “Hold the door” and the sacrifice of Hodor. “Hold the door” has become Hodl, the most widespread typo in the crypto world.

Game of Thrones is not new to the crypto world. Another actor who has expressed his interest in the sector is Jerome Flynn, who played the mercenary Bronn, and has promoted the crypto project VeganCoin.

What is certain is that Maise Williams’ tweet about Bitcoin triggered more irony rather than market analysis. The fact remains that it came at a decidedly delicate moment for Bitcoin.

In fact, the price of BTC continues to go up, touching $17,000. While this is exciting, experienced observers recommend caution in the absence of nearby supports in case of trend reversals. 


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