Black Friday: tips for avoiding online scams


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Published on: 18-11-2020

Black Friday is filled with numerous scams every year, but how can we avoid them? Here are some tips from Revolut.

The 2020 Black Friday will be predominantly online because of the Covid-19 restrictions that will force many shops worldwide to stay closed and many people not to leave their homes. 

This means that many of the offers available at this event will be online and it will be necessary to use credit or debit cards to make purchases. Many people who have approached e-commerce for the first time in their lives during this year of lockdown could easily run into scams.

In fact, the ECB has reported that fraudulent transactions now amount to around €1.8 billion every year and several studies indicate that online credit and debit card scams are on the rise.

Revolut’s tips for avoiding Black Friday scams

For this reason, Revolut – one of the most famous fintech apps on the market – has created a list of useful tips to increase security when shopping online:


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