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NFT: 365 OctoAliens land on planet Earth

The diverse and curious world of NFTs has been enriched with 365 new OctoAliens

This is a collection of collectable NFTs consisting of 365 OctoAliens available in three variants – Common, Rare and Super – plus a Special Edition.

Common NFTs cost between 0.04 and 0.08 ETH, Rare between 0.1 and 0.25 ETH and Super between 0.5 and 1 ETH. 

Special Edition items have a minimum cost of 0.5 ETH, but no upper limit. 

The individual 365 OctoAliens are numbered and will be added to the Special Edition. 

To date, the first 18 NFTs are listed on the website: 

  1. Octo Green, the first OctoAlien to be created
  2. Octo Killer, who wants to conquer the world 
  3. Octo Chef, the best star chef on the OctoAlien planet 
  4. Octo Basketball Player, the NBA player 
  5. Octo Dancer, ready to hypnotize humans with its alien dance
  6. Octo Neurahairs, who helps the OctoAliens talk to humans 
  7. Octo Astronaut, who explores the Earth’s orbit
  8. Octo Picalien, ready to launch his own collection of NFTs
  9. Octo Mechanic, who helps humans build spaceships 
  10. Octo Driver, who found a Tesla in space before landing on Earth 
  11. Octo Nerd, who studies blockchain to try and break seeds 
  12. Octo Sub, who comes from the seas of the planet Octo to explore the Earth’s seas 
  13. Octo Mask, who has found a rare mask on Earth
  14. Octo Doctor, who helps humans find a solution for COVID19
  15. Octo Viking, who comes from the past to study the history of humans 
  16. Octo E.T., who talks to humans through telepathy 
  17. Octo Knight, who came to Earth to protect the OctoAliens with his “Ethereum sword”
  18. Super Octo, the superhero of the planet Octo. 

However, more can already be found on OpenSea and four new Star Wars-themed ones have recently been launched. 

In fact, the number 365 was not chosen at random: every day a new cute OctoAlien is added to the collection, for an entire year. So in the end it will be 365. 

So far the OctoAliens Twitter profile has garnered over 4,000 followers, but once the 5,000 mark is reached a big giveaway will be launched that will allow people to receive an OctoAliens for free. OctoAliens is also on Discord.

These NFTs were created by OArts.

Marco Cavicchioli
Marco Cavicchioli
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