Norway: Aker ASA launches Seetee, an all-Bitcoin company
Norway: Aker ASA launches Seetee, an all-Bitcoin company

Norway: Aker ASA launches Seetee, an all-Bitcoin company

By Eleonora Spagnolo - 8 Mar 2021

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Today, the well-known Norwegian holding company that owns several active companies, Aker ASA, announced that it has launched Seetee: a new company with a core business dedicated entirely to the Bitcoin ecosystem

According to reports, it seems that Seetee was born with the idea of focusing on Bitcoin and Blockchain projects and companies, while keeping all its liquid assets investable in BTC. Not only that, the new company starts with an initial capitalization of NOK 500 million. 

Specifically, Seetee will focus on four areas:

  1. Investing and owning bitcoin;
  2. Joining the broader bitcoin and blockchain community and establishing partnerships with key players;
  3. Launching bitcoin verification operations;
  4. Building and investing in innovation projects and companies in the Bitcoin and blockchain ecosystem.

Seetee in collaboration with Blockstream

To get into the swing of things more quickly, a collaboration has already been announced between Seetee and Blockstream, a company known for developing products and services for the storage and transfer of Bitcoin and crypto in general. 

In this regard, Blockstream co-founder and CEO Adam Back said:

“It’s exciting to see Aker dive into the Bitcoin ecosystem with enthusiasm. We will be working closely with Seetee on Bitcoin mining and sidechain projects that benefit Aker’s group of companies and we expect that their rich experience in leveraging global power infrastructure will prove to be a valuable asset to the Bitcoin industry”.

In fact, Aker has reinforced its investments in companies specializing in industrial software, fintech and green energy value chains. With Seetee, the opportunities will expand into the Bitcoin ecosystem, such as cybersecurity, financial transactions and emissions-free verification operations.  

Here’s how Øyvind Eriksen, President and CEO of Aker ASA described the idea:

“With the launch of Seetee, the Aker Group makes another move into software and fintech. We are very excited about the industrial opportunities that will be unlocked by Bitcoin and blockchain technology, and want to contribute forcefully to that effort. These technologies have the potential to reduce frictions in our day to day lives, enhance the security of our digitally driven economies, and unlock new business models for innovation. We look forward to addressing these and other applications together with Blockstream and other partners”.

Not only that, shareholder magnate Kjell Inge Røkke, Chairman of the Aker holding company, also spoke out on the matter, with a letter to shareholders available on Seetee’s official website

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