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Marco Montemagno launches his NFTs on OpenSea

On Friday, March 19th, at 4:30 PM (CET), The Cryptonomist will be doing a live interview with famous influencer Marco Montemagno, aka Monty, to talk about NFTs, as he too has decided to enter the Non-Fungible Token arena by launching them on the OpenSea platform.

Each NFT is sold on an auction basis for Ethereum; there are currently 12 on the marketplace. 

This interview will be conducted using The Nemesis, an online 3D entertainment platform that combines virtual world technology with gaming and gamification.

Virtual art galleries and live streaming events are two examples of how The Nemesis intends to convey branded content through gamification.

As such, The Cryptonomist has partnered with this project to educate and introduce more people to the NFT world as it is a major trend for 2021.

During this particular and special episode with Marco Montemagno, users will be asked to test the different features of the platform to answer quizzes, surveys and win a chance to ask their questions live to Monty.

The Cryptonomist live with NFT projects

Starting on February 19th, every Friday at 4:30 PM (CET), The Cryptonomist has been conducting events dedicated to Non-Fungible Tokens on this platform, featuring interviews with artists and leaders in the crypto art world.

The first to be interviewed was Federico Clapis, while on Friday, February 26th, it was the turn of Roberto Gorini with his project Crypto Heroes, and subsequently, Giovanni Motta was interviewed.

All the interviews can be watched as a replay on The Cryptonomist’s YouTube channel.


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