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Best-selling NFT types in the art world

A recent report by Artnome has revealed what types of NFTs are the best-selling in the art world. 

The research used SuperRare tags to determine which have the highest average selling price. 

The tag with the highest average price was found to be “sci-fi”, whose NFTs on average gross $7,394

This is significantly higher than the other tags, with the second-highest priced tag, “2d”, averaging less than $6,000, or almost 20% less. 

In third place was “space”, with $5,730, and in fourth place “surreal”, closely followed by “render”. 

The tags “3d”, “rare”, “3dart” and “nude” also performed well. The latter was the highest value tag among those referring to canonical fine art subjects, with $4,903. 

However, the report points out that these figures may have been influenced by the initial “dominance” of artist Robbie Barrat on the SuperRare platform and would still suggest a male dominance among buyers.

Furthermore, several tags related to blockchain and cryptocurrencies, such as “bitcoin”, “blockchain”, “ethereum” and “eth”, are among the top 50. However, the report points out that although NFTs are often based on Ethereum, those linked to bitcoin have a higher average price. 

In terms of the number of tagged works, “3d” is at the top, used in 17% of all SuperRare NFTs, with “abstract”, “animation”, “gif” and “surreal” also in the top five. 

“surreal” is the only tag in both the top 5 for price and usage. 

Types and stores of the best-selling NFTs 

In summary, it is possible to say that futuristic, retro and science fiction themes are among the most explored and coveted by collectors, so much so that we can assume the existence of a sort of “technostalgia” among collectors. 

Another interesting, albeit obvious, consideration is that some of the most used tags are typical, if not native, to crypto art. Indeed, it seems that the NFT market is literally dominated by crypto art, with more traditional works of art relegated to second place. 

Another report, this time from Messari, reveals that Nifty Gateway is now the leading platform in NFT sales by volume. 

To be fair, the most widely used platform, OpenSea, was excluded from this analysis because it is an aggregator and therefore its sales volumes may also include NFTs from other platforms, such as SuperRare. Moreover, it does not only refer to the art market, but to the whole NFT market. 

Nifty Gateway is owned by crypto exchange Gemini, and in the first quarter of the year grossed over $200 million, compared to $61 million for Rarible and $43 million for SuperRare. 

The main NFT-related projects generated over $750 million in secondary market sales volume, with NBA Top Shots clearly in the lead followed by Punks and Sorare. 


Marco Cavicchioli
Marco Cavicchioli
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