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Elon Musk proposes to accept Dogecoin in Tesla

Elon Musk has launched a poll to include Dogecoin as a means of payment for Tesla. 

He did so via Twitter:

At the time of writing, the poll had 1.5 million votes, with 76% of users favouring Tesla being able to accept Dogecoin as a payment system. The poll will only last for 24 hours.

After the words on Saturday Night Live in which he joked about Dogecoin, and despite the now-famous cry “To the moon”, some words of Tesla’s CEO caused the cryptocurrency to collapse, which in recent days had reached an all-time high of 70 cents. This hype was due to the anticipation of Elon Musk’s words on Saturday Night Live.

Today, with the new survey and after the tweets on Space X, Dogecoin has returned to rise, going from 0.46 dollars to 0.53 in a few minutes. Currently, over 24 hours, Dogecoin is gaining 2.4%.

Dogecoin to pay for a Tesla

Tesla already accepts Bitcoin as a means of payment. Elon Musk himself announced this sometime after confirming his $1.5 billion investment in Bitcoin. Dogecoin could be the new cryptocurrency to be used as a payment method for the famous electric vehicle company. For the moment, this would be a decidedly new use case for Dogecoin, which has so far been used mainly for tips on social networks. 

After all, part of Dogecoin’s popularity is due precisely to the words of Elon Musk, who even before the hype of these months called himself “former CEO of Dogecoin“. At the time, Dogecoin was worth a few thousandths of a dollar, but now it is worth much more, and many have discovered their wealth thanks to Dogecoin, its vertical growth and the sponsorship received from Musk. So perhaps it was precise to them that Elon Musk turned, helping to change the fate of Dogecoin from a dangerous product of speculation (due to its high volatility) to a means of payment.

So much for those who are still asking Elon Musk to include Bitcoin Cash as a payment method for Tesla. 


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