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Matteo Mauro: the new NFTs from the famous Sicilian artist

After the artist Matteo Mauro announced a few weeks ago that he would start to tokenize the works of his collectors using Ethereum-based Non Fungible Tokens (NFT), it is now time for him to start with the first “proper” drops on Foundation. 

Matteo Mauro’s first NFTs were targeted tokenization offers made to buyers already in possession of the physical artwork, while now the artist has started selling NFTs natively on his Foundation marketplace.

Three NFTs with a starting price of 1 ETH can already be found on his profile.

Matteo’s works are or have been on display on all continents, in famous museums such as the MEAM in Barcelona, the Songyang Museum Contemporary Art in Spring, China or the Crocetti Museum in Rome.

Here is our interview with Matteo Mauro to better understand his art and his project:

About the NFT artist Matteo Mauro

Matteo Mauro is a Sicilian artist and designer, born in Catania in 1992. He has lived and studied in England since 2010. He has worked and trained with several internationally renowned designers such as Ron Arad and Isaie Bloch, and taught at several UK universities, including UCL and LSBU. 

His studio, Matteo Mauro Studio, uses a variety of digital representational techniques, which he has developed a passion for and has made technology his primary means of artistic expression. 

His art observes and explores the world around him, searching for old and new methods of creative expression. He is known for his series of Micromegalic Inscriptions paintings that have won various awards including the International Van Gogh Prize given by José Van Roy Dalí, son of Salvador Dalí. The story of these works gave rise to the book of the same name: “Micromegalic Inscriptions, A Rococo story of contemporary engravings”, published by Le Penseur in 2017.


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