Art arrives on the metaverse of Decentraland
Art arrives on the metaverse of Decentraland

Art arrives on the metaverse of Decentraland

By Redazione Digital Art Rights - 22 Jun 2021

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Art exhibitions with NFTs are increasingly gaining ground among the protagonists of the physical world: galleries, artists and auction houses do not miss the opportunity to be digital pioneers in a sector that still struggles to understand what a non-fungible token is or has doubts about the possible speculative bubble.

And if the sales platforms are crowded, others are welcoming the first exhibitions.

Among these, there is Decentraland, a platform based on the Ethereum blockchain which is born wit the aim to create a virtual world where users can have complete control over the content they create and share, giving them all the tools to autonomously monetize the artwork they have created.

The platform is represented as a three-dimensional world that can be navigated by users using the browser or through the virtual reality goggles.

The world is divided into 90,000 Lands, which represent the digital spaces that users can buy, sell or rent to share their contents.

All interactions within the platform are mediated through a token called MANA, whose value has grown by more than 180%.

Among the first to arrive and build on Decentraland is the famous physical gallery ‘’König Galerie’’ which has reproposed its structure in St. Agnes (Berlin) hosting the collective exhibitionThe Artist is Online. PITTURA E SCULTURA NELL’ERA POSTDIGITALE” curated by Anika Meier and Johann König with over 50 young artists, who work daily on physical media, managing the new digital experimentation in the form of NFT.

Anika Meier, curator of the German gallery who took care of the project, said:

“For us, it is important to demonstrate that digital art is something that has the same qualities as painting and sculpting”.

Even the Sotheby’s auction house did not waste time and few days ago they inaugurated their own metaverse, replicating the physical headquarters of New Bond Street in London.

The virtual gallery is located in the Voltaire Art District of Decentraland and can be found using the map coordinates 52,83; the building has five spaces on the ground floor to display the works, and it has as well as a digital avatar of their London commissioner Hans Lomulder who greets visitors at the door.

Michael Bouhanna, head of sales at Sotheby’s, commented:

“We see spaces like Decentraland as the next frontier for digital art where artists, collectors and viewers can interact with each other from anywhere in the world and showcase art that is fundamentally rare and unique, but at the same time accessible to anyone who wants to discover it”.

While the MoCDA – Museum of Contemporary Digital Art has just inaugurated the personal exhibition of the digital artist Marja Moghaddam “Digital Embodiments and interventions” curated by Filippo Lorenzin.

The artist, who has been working in the field of digital art since the 1980s, after winning the Art Rights Prize for the Digital Art category, was selected by Serena Tabacchi Director of MoCDA to present a selection of works that explore the creative potential of 3D Computer Graphics, motion capture, Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality, just to name a few.

Article originally published in the DeFi Today newsletter.

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