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Anon Inu, even Anonymous has its own token

Even Anonymous has its own meme token. It is called Anon Inu

The organization announced it with a video on its YouTube channel, the same one where the “threat” to Elon Musk was published, accused of having stirred up the market with his tweets, causing crypto investors to lose money.

The channel has a check mark indicating that it has been verified by YouTube and should therefore belong to Anonymous. However, already at the time of the video of Elon Musk, the Twitter profiles of Anonymous denied being the authors of the video, which cast a shadow of doubt over who is really behind the channel.  


The video shows nothing more than a rocket revolving around a logo that looks like the Shiba Inu token. As the rocket passes, the dog takes on another appearance, reminiscent of the Guy Fawkes mask, made famous in the film V for Vendetta, and which has become the logo of Anonymous.

The description of the video refers to the official Telegram chat, which currently has around 1,400 members.

Anon Inu, the purpose of the Anonymous token

Anon Inu also has an official website, which states:

“ANON INU’s goal is to keep his holders happy by being a Defi token that has three functions: manual burns, adding towards liquidity and distributing his holders”.

In fact, 5% of each transaction is distributed to the token holders

There is also a charitable purpose: helping “furry friends” looking for homes by donating to shelters. 

The total supply is 1 quadrillion tokens. The creators plan to burn 50% of them as soon as certain goals are reached.

Anon Inu can currently be purchased on Pancake Swap. The price is $0.0000762025 at the time of writing this article. The market cap is therefore $74 billion according to Poocoin’s data, including locked-in liquidity. 

There is still no whitepaper but only a roadmap. It says that Anon Inu aims to be listed on Coingecko by 2021 and CoinMarketCap by 2022. In 2022 it also aims to airdrop NFTs and donate to dog shelters that rescue animals from abuse. 

With the growth that coins like Shiba Inu and Baby Doge have had, and with the popularity of Anonymous, it is to be expected that Anon Inu will also do well.

Eleonora Spagnolo
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