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Pope Francis’ first NFTs on the AkoinNFT marketplace

His Holiness Pope Francis is launching his first collection of NFT artwork, Scholas Occurrentes, a limited edition already available on the AkoinNFT marketplace

The Pontiff appears to have created the NFT artworks himself, in collaboration with a number of selected artists. Proceeds from the sale of the first limited edition signed by the Pope will be dedicated to the Scholas Occurrentes Foundation, the Pope’s global charity. 

Specifically, the Scholas Occurrentes Foundation and the PVBLIC Foundation with their joint fund: the Transforming Education Donor Fund.

This fund combines art, sport and technology in order to promote culture through education. An approach that considers the combination of global programmes and empathy between human beings, especially the youth of today, for a “better tomorrow”. 

Sergio Fernandez de Cordova, Director of Transforming Education Donor Fund, commented: 

“We are excited about launching this NFT partnership on the heels of a meeting with His Holiness Pope Francis at the Vatican, where we presented this initiative. Through this partnership via the Transforming Education Donor Fund we will continue to advance the mission and vision of Pope Francis while mobilizing the AkoinNFT platform to help raise funds to advance the work of Scholas Occurrentes, the Pontifical Foundation created by Pope Francis to advance his vision of creating a new culture: the Culture of Encounter — through Art, Sports and Music, driving social impact and promote peace around the world”.

Pope Francis’ NFT collection: the three works already available

The auction of Pope Francis’ new NFT collection, will take place on the AkoinNFT marketplace by the end of the summer and this initial collection contains three pieces of art. Here are the descriptive tweets:

“A BEAUTIFUL MOVE: Teaser. Art by His Holiness Pope Francis. This NFT enables us to follow the brush and see this work come to life. Incorporating Pope Francis’ artistic signature, a cross and a bird, along with his hopes for peace, supporting Scholas”.

“SOY HUMANO: Teaser. Art by Domingo Zapata for His Holiness Pope Francis. This NFT is a video excerpt derived from the painting EL INMIGRANTE, by His Holiness Pope Francis along with Domingo Zapata, Mr. Brainwash and Martha Saenz”.

“LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL: Teaser. Art by Mr. Brainwash for His Holiness Pope Francis. This NFT is a video excerpt derived from the painting EL INMIGRANTE, by His Holiness Pope Francis along with Domingo Zapata, Mr. Brainwash and Martha Saenz”.

The NFTs will be released for a total supply of 20 pieces each.

The Pontiff’s artwork on Akon’s NFT marketplace

Launched in April 2021, AkoinNFT is the marketplace dedicated to the creation and distribution of NFTs founded directly by celebrated rapper and record producer Akon. 

His participation in the collaboration with the two foundations now leads the platform to offer the first collection created in part by the Pontiff. In this regard, Jon Karas, president and co-founder of AkoinNFT, said:

“The work of Scholas Occurrentes and His Holiness impacts the world, the ability to connect and care through art. The entire – and globally diverse – AkoinNFT team is excited to bring worldwide awareness, conversation, and fundraising to Scholas Occurrentes Transforming Education Donor Fund, supporting art in education. It is humbling to see the Pope’s Foundation, Scholas, as an early adopter of the NFT opportunity, embracing it as both a viable and lasting medium for global discourse, access, and change. We are delighted to release this collection and look forward to sharing future drops supporting His Holiness Pope Francis’ foundation, Scholas Occurrentes”.

Stefania Stimolo
Stefania Stimolo
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