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Britney Spears uses Bitcoin against father’s guardianship

Britney Spears allegedly used Bitcoin as a solution to remove her assets from the guardianship of her father, Jamie Spears. 

After Britney’s 2007/2008 crisis, the court allegedly opted for the conservatorship of the famous millionaire singer-songwriter’s entire estate in the hands of her father, who then had complete power over it. 

Not only that, made known over the years is the controversial relationship between father and daughter that has passionate fans so much to give birth to the movement #FreeBritney, to free the world-renowned artist from the instrument of legal guardianship entrusted to the father. 

In fact, a conservatorship is an instrument of asset protection decided by a court that provides for the management of finances to pass into the hands of a close adult, precisely because the rightful owner is unable to take care of them. 

Generally, a conservatorship is used for cases where an owner is an elderly person or a mentally disabled person who is unlikely to recover. It is an unusual tool if you think Britney is a female artist of only 40 years old who has to her credit albums among the best sellers of the millennium. 

In addition to legal solutions, Britney has used the queen of cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin, precisely to get out of the financial control and abuse of her father. 

Britney Spears, Bitcoin, and the #FreeBritney movement

Tess Barker and Barbara Gray, the hosts of the “Toxic” podcast investigating the controversial Britney Spears guardianship case, claim that the singer has dabbled in Bitcoin since 2014.

No official source, but BTC may have been the perfect solution against the conservatorship tool, taking away the latter’s exclusive use of the assets her father had for a full 13 years, in which he fully managed his daughter’s life. 

#FreeBritney is the movement that started after Spears published her shocking testimony, claiming that 13 years of abuse were not only financial. 

The same Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla and famous world and cryptocurrency influencer, has expressed his support for the movement. 

Meanwhile, the price of BTC is back at $44,000, the same value as a week ago. Despite the price fluctuations, it is about ten days that the Fear and Gear index on the bitcoin and cryptocurrency market has remained positive.

Today, in fact, the value detected is 73 out of 100 total, thus reflecting a positive sentiment or enthusiasm of the moment. 


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