Tommy Wilson moves from baseball to NFTs by involving the team
Tommy Wilson moves from baseball to NFTs by involving the team

Tommy Wilson moves from baseball to NFTs by involving the team

By Stefania Stimolo - 7 Sep 2021

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Tommy Wilson, a former professional player for the New York Mets baseball team, has entered the world of NFTs (Non Fungible Tokens) and is excited about the technology dedicated to collectible artwork and has decided to get the team involved.

“Got some of the boys on the team to start dabbling in crypto, fun to see them winning. Next challenge is to get them a Metamask and starting minting/collecting NFTs”.

Tommy Wilson and the NFT hobby

Wilson started taking up art as a hobby a few years ago, eventually turning into a passion during his quarantine from Covid-19. 

At the moment, Wilson already has a presence on several NFT marketplaces with his baseball card collections. 

On OpenSea, in fact, there are no less than 441 NFTs representing his “own the moment” baseball cards. Among the many, Enter Sandman #3/50 is up for auction at a minimum value of 10 ETH, the equivalent of $37,613 at the time of writing. 

Wilson invites his team to enter the NFT world

The former professional baseball player emphasised the fact that he is a guide for his team in the crypto world. 

Not only that, as a good sportsman, in the tweet he specifies his next challenge in wanting to also guide them in the creation of a MetaMask wallet account so that they can get started with NFTs. 

On that note, the famous hardware wallet Ledger intervened:

“Make sure they get a hardware wallet to secure those NFTs!”

An occasion for Ledger to draw attention to the security of using the MetaMask decentralized wallet with hardware wallets rather than the web

This happens all the time because using a Nano Ledger, although more complicated due to the storage of passwords and private keys, reduces the risk of hacker attacks. 

Tommy Wilson is an NFTs’ fan

NFTs and MetaMask: not only Wilson

In addition to Wilson’s obvious mention of the MetaMask wallet for accessing NFTs, yesterday a well-known crypto influencer, Gary Vaynerchuk, is said to have decided to give away NFTs to anyone with a MetaMask wallet.

The investor in projects such as Coinbase and Twitter would have given away many NFTs, including Deadheads, collectibles on sale on OpenSea in 10 thousand copies that have come to be traded for 4000 ETH, or almost 16 million dollars.

Not only that, an NFT from the Fame Lady Squad series that reached a trading value of around $10 million was also added to the crypto influencer’s gifts. 

MetaMask’s wallet for Ethereum (and more) continues to grow in popularity in the crypto sector. Among its users, those located in the Philippines, USA and Vietnam take the podium, followed by others located in the UK, China, India, Russia, Brazil, Indonesia, Thailand, Turkey, Germany, France, Canada and Spain. 


Stefania Stimolo

Graduated in Marketing and Communication, Stefania is an explorer of innovative opportunities. She started out as a Sales Assistant for e-commerce, and in 2016 she began to develop a passion for the digital world, initially in the Network Marketing sector, where she discovered and became passionate about the ideals behind Bitcoin and Blockchain technology, which lead her to work as a copywriter and translator for ICO projects and blogs, and organize introductory courses.

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